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The main attraction and the goal of the majority of travelers coming from all over the world is the beautiful warm sea and the unique nature of the atoll

Meemu Atoll, another name for the Mulaku Atoll, is a group of 33 islands located approximately 250 km north of the equator, and 140km south of the Maldives capital Male

The area is just recently opened for tourism, and only two islands have become exclusive-luxury resorts. Imagine a silvery ocean glistening in the sun, with a multitude of green islands, most of which are uninhabited. This is an amazingly beautiful underwater world playing with all the colors of the rainbow. These are extraordinarily original local traditions, cuisine and life. And the most important thing is a wonderful rest, which will leave a lot of bright emotions and unforgettable impressions.

In the surrounding waters there are excellent conditions for diving: not only professionals, but also beginners will find something to do. An amazing, completely different world, apparently visible from a bird's-eye view, is spread under the water of Meemu. Canyons, grottoes, caves, between them flocks of fish, which are painted absolutely in all the colors of the rainbow in the most bizarre combinations: huge and small, flat and thick, who can not be found here. You can see long moray eels, huge sailing fish and even sharks.

Element reveals its secrets to the diver: sounds hidden by silence, bright colors, veiled by blue and life, covered by a layer of water. Eternity. Eternity opens its doors for a moment, allowing you to look into its hiding places. And the mask that harbors us in everyday life flies away, torn off by the flow, and a fragile, vulnerable, defenseless essence opens up. You are becoming yourself. We expose our soul before the elements, trust it, and it responds with the same.

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Maldives is a paradise on Earth. Of the 1,200 Maldivian islands, only 200 are currently inhabited, the rest are used in tourism and agriculture. Despite this, all the Maldivian islands are a unique formation, the analogues of which simply do not exist, if we consider it from the point of view of biological diversity. Despite its natural picturesqueness, the Maldives atoll may disappear in the near future. Due to global warming, the level of the oceans is gradually rising, flooding the shores of the paradise islands. The date of the complete disappearance of the islands varies: someone believes that the Maldives can disappear after about 100 years, and someone believes that after 30. In order to survive the apocalypse, Maldivian entrepreneurs are already developing the New Maldives.

Meemu is a cozy atoll in the form of opened shark jaws, it has about 35 picturesque islands, 9 of which are inhabited

But only two islands are adapted to receive tourists, they have all the necessary infrastructure, including a dive center. And this means that there are a lot of uninhabited, quietest and most picturesque land areas on the atoll. Tropical landscapes, combined with the boundless sea expanses of the Indian Ocean and the fine white sand of the wonderful beaches of Miim, are a living embodiment of a paradise holiday on the water, in the shade of evergreen palms and the chirping of exotic birds on the treetops.

Large populations of tropical fish fill the canals, in addition to manta rays and the occasional appearance of a magnificent whale shark; Gray reef sharks, Napoleons and eagles can be seen almost everywhere. Safari cruises to Miim Atoll are often directed to pristine dive sites that have rarely or never been visited before.

Diving is the enjoyment of underwater beauty, and it can be seen in the sunlight fading into the depths. There is, however, night diving. But only experienced divers are able to do it. Flashing corals and sponges in the lamplight, glowing night fishes, snatched from the circle of light, the spur of the underwater cliff are the delights of night diving. It also attracts beginners to become professional diving.

Most of the vacations in the world people spend on the beach at the water's edge. Young and physically trained people can go swimming, water skiing or windsurfing. A wealthy person can spend a lot of money on a yacht or transoceanic cruise. The rest of the rest would like to do something interesting, but not demanding the ideal physical form. Get out of the water and dive deep! You do not need excellent physical form to go diving. On the contrary, the most difficult for a submariner is the time spent on the surface before diving. You dive with your brain, not with your muscles. This means that diving is a form of physical activity that you can continue to enjoy much longer at a time when you had to quit other sports. As the French say, diving is a sport for the elderly.

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