Mexico vacations. Cancun resorts - colorful clay pots with blue caribbean ocean. Mexico travel

Souvenirs and gifts from Mexico

What souvenirs to bring home from Mexico

Very often, people who go on a trip know perfectly well what places they will visit and what sights they want to take photos of. However, many tourists are frivolous about the choice of souvenirs. Such a problem is simple and easy to fix; you just need to familiarize yourself with the list of souvenir traditions of the countries you are planning to travel to.

What souvenir or gift to bring from Mexico and where to buy it? These questions are sure to worry the vast majority of tourists. Those who have had the opportunity to spend their holidays on the beaches of the Caribbean will certainly want to take with them and give to their loved ones a piece of paradise that they have seen. Local merchants and craftsmen offer a huge number of souvenirs for every taste and value, which complicates the choice.

Mexico is a paradise for lovers of all kinds of markets and shops. A lot of bright things and pieces, exquisite and simple, inexpensive and breathtakingly expensive, new and old, useful and beautiful - all these are souvenirs for tourists with a variety of tastes and preferences. Thanks to the centuries-old and rich history, indescribable color, warm climate, talented and kind people, at first it will be difficult to immediately determine what exactly you want and how to choose from all this.

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Mexico vacations. Cancun resorts - colorful clay pots with blue caribbean ocean. Mexico travel
Mexico is a country with an ancient distinctive culture , which echoes can be found even now in unusual things and household items. The mixture of traditions of different ethnic groups is reflected in the works of folk craftsmen, local cuisine and souvenirs, which are offered here to tourists in a huge variety.

What souvenirs to buy in Mexico? What to bring home from Mexico?

Unique ceramics (for example, plates, vases, panels with the Mayan calendar) are a great gift. Also on sale are bright ceramic figures that are hung on the wall: lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, snails, etc. (very cute); in the provinces, some facades of private houses are decorated with these pretty creatures. A lot of traditional stuff is sold in the markets of Mexico. For example, all sorts of colorful bags, handbags, wallets and backpacks. Everywhere, and especially in Oaxaca, you can find beautiful embroidered dresses. In addition to handmade dresses, you can buy embroidered tunics, easier sundresses, T-shirts, leggings and other items of clothing. A belt will help complement your look. The choice is also huge: woven of threads, embroidered with beads, leather. Belts, bags, boots made from the skin of ostriches, alligators, pythons are one of the oldest crafts of the peoples of Mexico.

A poncho - a colorful warm wool blanket will remind you of hot Mexico anywhere in the world. A traditional poncho is a piece of material, usually hand weaving, dyeing, often from soft wool, made with folk patterns. Items with Aztec and Mayan calendars: you can buy an Aztec calendar, and you can also buy tablecloths and wall calendars with a Mayan calendar. The mysterious "Mayan calendar" has been haunting the minds of modern researchers for decades. The original weighing about 25 tons is in the metropolitan museum. A great gift for lovers of historical values will be a copy of this calendar, made of ceramics or wood.

Mexican chocolate. The ideal temperature states for growing real chocolate tree are Chiapas and Tabasco. Up to 30 thousand tons of Cocoa beans are grown here annually. Chocolate is sold in tiles or buns, contains only natural ingredients and is very useful. From the fruit of the cocoa tree is an excellent drink. Mexican coffee. Mexico is the birthplace of this crop and Mexican coffee is famous for its flavor. Traditional coffees: traditional robusta (Chiapas foothills 400-600 meters above sea level), has a slightly bitter taste; traditional Arabica (Chiapas 800-1200 meters). Grains are usually roasted in coconut oil before selling, jyv have a delicate shade of high-quality coffee.

Mexican sauces - more than 80 types of peppers of various sharpness. The taste is not inferior to the Indian, Arabic, Korean or Thai varieties of spicy. Mexican sweets such as "alegrias", "borrachitos", candied fruits, macaroons and many others can be a good gift. Going on a trip to Mexico, you can be sure that you will leave here with hefty luggage filled with memorable gifts for all your relatives, friends and acquaintances.

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