Italy vacations. Motor-boat and view of The Doge's Palace, Venice. Italy tours

Most romantic destinations in Europe. All faces of Venice.

The Doge's Palace, also known as the Palazzo Ducale, has adorned Venice since ancient times, conveying the features of Gothic architecture

Palazzo Ducale is located on the Piazza San Marco and stretches along the embankment. Work on its construction was carried out over six centuries - from IX to XV. Subsequently, the palace was repeatedly changed, but despite this, it has always been considered one of the main symbols of the city on the water.

How to fall in love with this city? A tour of the magnificent Doge's Palace with its richly decorated halls, amazing sculptures, frescoes and huge panels will leave an unforgettable impression. Palazzo Ducale served as a residence for the Venetian doge - the rulers of the city. Government meetings were held here, courts were convicted, and convicts were serving their sentences.

There is an opinion that Venice is either loved or hated, but it does not leave anyone indifferent! Venice is the center of world tourism. All inveterate travelers, couples in love, individual tourists, children, schoolchildren, pensioners are trying to get here. Venice is a classic of tourism. Venice is especially beautiful late at night and early in the morning. You can calmly admire the chic architecture and feel the greatness of this city. Silence, calm and comfort - what else is needed? And tourists at this time are already sleeping in their hotels. Venice is a city where you should never use a map. This is a city in which you need to go where your intuition tells you.

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Italy vacations. Motor-boat and view of The Doge Palace, Venice. Italy tours
Modern urban transport in Venice is connected with water - vaporetto or monstrously expensive taxis. Gondolas - alas, is no longer a means of transportation, but a tourist attraction. There are many private motorboats, but the daily movement of the majority of Venetians around the city is on foot. Thousands of discoveries await guests in this beautiful Italian city, be it narrow, cobbled streets, ancient architecture or fragrant Parma ham. Nevertheless, despite all the advantages of Venice, its romance and uniqueness, there are pitfalls that you should know about if you are going to visit the city on the water and not be disappointed.

Venice is 118 islands, 150 canals and 400 bridges!

All this is in complete harmony with each other and in the complex is the most beautiful city on the water. Venice is a must-see for any traveler, so be sure to go and admire it. The sea in the Venetian lagoon is now rising by about 1 centimeter in 10 years. At the same time, all speeding up, the process of ground subsidence in Venice takes place: on average, three centimeters in ten years.

The history of Venice, where thousands of tourists come to our day, began with a tiny village based on deserted marshy islands, which in just a couple of centuries had grown to a real city. Already in the 9th century, Venice became a major trading port for ships sailing from East to West and back, and since then the number of inhabitants only arrived, and the city became more majestic - palaces, libraries, churches, of course, bridges were built, which are now in Venice, there are almost half a thousand. However, the city is famous not only for them: the architecture of the Renaissance and endless narrow alleys are the soul of Venice, in which, by the way, you can easily get lost.

Italian cuisine is considered one of the most sophisticated and popular in the world. Her wealth is not limited to a huge selection of pizza or pasta. An integral part of the Venetian cuisine - seafood, tomatoes, rice, olives, spices (especially basil and oregano). Also popular is grilled meat - barbecue, which is served with a side dish of vegetables. Once in Venice, be sure to try the Bellini cocktail of peach puree with Prosecco sparkling wine. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was invented in Venice and named after the famous artist. Traditional Venetian dishes are melekhe - fried small green crabs with tomato sauce; black risotto - rice cooked with cuttlefish ink; polenta - cornmeal porridge (often served with sardines, shrimps and anchovy); chiketi - small appetizers (similar to French canapes) made from seafood; Venetian fegato - liver slices with garlic, onions and white wine; teramisu - cream cake; Baikoli - original vanilla cookies. These dishes are definitely worth trying in restaurants in Venice.

Italian ice cream is considered one of the most delicious and, more importantly, low-calorie in the world (it contains much less fat - only about 5%). Gelato is more mellow and creamy, slowly melts due to the lower air content and is made only by hand - jelatiera serves it immediately after preparation, and this happens only in gelateries (similar to our ice cream parlor). They say that two identical gelato in nature can not be found, and each master prepares his ice cream in a special way, but still there are several classic recipes - gelato with fruit, cream with pieces of chocolate, and also roasted almonds in honey. Of course, there are such gelaterias where guests are offered to create their own kind of ice cream, filling it with all sorts of additives, including both classic (rum, caramel) and non-trivial ones - olive oil, toppings with a taste of seafood or smoked ribs.

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