Mountain Village, China. China is an amazing country

China is immense. Travel to the national parks of China.

China is a huge country and to see it all, the tourist will not have enough life

You will spend at least a week just to read the China guide, and you will not see one hundredth of China's diversity and beauty for the holidays. If you are wondering why it is worth going on a trip to China, then we have an answer for you. Grand Himalayas, mystical Tibet, Great Wall of China, mysterious terracotta army, Shaolin monastery, Gobi desert and Tiananmen Square, as a symbol of socialist China. It is these values, and not the pursuit of fashionable fakes, attract hundreds of tourists from around the world.

China is the third in terms of territory and one of the first in terms of the population of the planet's countries. China is the birthplace of gunpowder, tea, paper and silk. China is the heir of the most ancient civilization, the keeper of the great wisdom of the ancestors, the owner of fantastic natural beauties. Once having been in China, you can learn a lot of new, interesting and useful, but this is not the main thing. The most important thing is that after visiting this ancient country, tourists become infected with Eastern spirituality, peace and love, they begin to look at the world with completely different eyes.

Traveling to China will give the tourist an incredible amount of impressions and emotions: something will become a real discovery, something will delight or bewilder. Magic mountains of China. A good trip to China is a lot of mountains, fogs, flowering trees, temples and the opportunity not to hurry anywhere. There is no need to hurry for tourists - it is still impossible to see everything.

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Mountain Village, China
A huge number of herbs grow in the forests. About 70% of known plants have anti-cancer properties and are found in tropical or humid forests. A simple walk through the woods can be beneficial for your health, helping you get rid of stress, lower your blood pressure, make you happier and strengthen your immune system. The latter may be partly due to the fact that trees release compounds called volatile compounds into the air, which cause the body to stimulate natural cells that attack infections and protect against diseases.

There, in the mountains behind this village, the incredible beauty of the Chinese province of Sichuan is waiting for tourists

Jiuzhaigou Reserve hides in the mountains in the north of Sichuan province. By the power of impressions, it looks like an art gallery: absolutely everything is beautiful here. Jiuzhaigou is woven from high wooded mountains, noisy waterfalls and dozens of colorful lakes, in the clear water of which natural art objects from fallen trees lie. The Chinese have distributed to all the romantic names like Lake Swan, Lake Bamboo Arrows or Lake Sleeping Dragon. You can not refuse to local imagery: the waterfall is 320 meters wide and the truth seems to be pearl.

The form of Jiuzhaigou is similar to the letter Y, which buses scurry about, taking tourists from one funky place to another. But in the reserve itself is harder to get. You need to either shake the mountain road in a bus from Chengdu for a long time, or land at the spectacular Jiuzhaigou Huanglong airport at an altitude of 3,448 meters, and then another hour to go by shuttle bus.

Unusual beauty of the flying mountains, located on the planet Pandora in the film Avatar is not a fiction of directors. The soaring mountains are located in China, being part of the Zhangjiajie National Park, and are called Wulingyuan. Rocks bewitch and amaze at first sight, therefore, going to Celestial, it is worth a few days to go to Hunan province, where the park is located. For visitors, there are excellent conditions for accommodation, food and leisure. In addition to the mountains, there is the opportunity to see many other natural attractions.

Zhangjiajie Park is a kind of visiting card of the country, where a huge number of tourists come annually, the number of which increased after the release of the film "Avatar". To touch the unique nature, fauna, listen to many mysterious, mystical stories and legends - this is what I offer the flying mountains in China to all visitors. Some objects in the territory of this protected area are protected by UNESCO, and the park itself is recognized as the national treasure of the Middle Kingdom.

Its residents are proud of unusual beauty, which captures the spirit, and they say that numerous secrets and mysteries are connected with mountains and rocks. Incredible landscapes, lush greenery, picturesque rocks, which cause a soaring effect, contribute to their emergence and spread. Such a unique phenomenon is due to the fact that the mountain peaks go to the sky, being lost there between the clouds. Rocks are covered with greenery, which complements the feeling of weightlessness.

Every day during work, thousands of people around the world receive various wounds, the healing of which takes quite a lot of time. To accelerate this process, scientists from around the world are developing technologies like special 3D printers to print new skin. But did you know that human tissues are able to recover faster even after applying essential oils? These volatile substances with a pronounced smell are extracted from plants and subsequently, as a rule, are used for aromatherapy. But they also contain a substance called beta-karyofillen, which significantly accelerates one of the stages of restoration of human tissues and has other interesting properties.

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