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The discoverer of Mozambique is considered the Spanish traveler and explorer Vasco da Gama, who reached the shores of this country at the end of the XV century

The main reason why tourists go to Mozambique is the resort islands that are part of the Bazaruto and Kurimbas archipelagoes. Today Mozambique has become a real tourist paradise: the combination of endless white beaches and clear sea waters, the bright green of the African savannah and sea bays will make a visit here truly unforgettable. Wear swimwear only on the beach - there are quite strict morals.

The Portuguese left a mark not only in the culture and religion of the country, but also in the national cuisine of Mozambique. To rest and get to know some of the sights of Mozambique, you need to go here for at least 9-11 days. August is very pleasant and warm here, and it will never be boring here.

The coast of Mozambique offers great sport fishing, one of the best in the world! A piece of the Indian Ocean, washing the shores of Mozambique, is at the same time a natural water area, a reserved place, ideal for a luxury vacation. Mozambique's canal, replenished by a powerful current moving from north to south, serves as the home of a large variety of commercial fish and large trophies, such as black, blue and striped marlin, wahoo, dorado, tuna, king mackerel, barracuda, perch. The shores of Mozambique equally attract both amateur fishermen and professionals. The most popular resorts of the archipelagoes are Bazaruto, Kvirimbas.

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Africa Tours. A dhow catching the golden sunrise of Mozambique. Africa travel tour. Crystal clear tropical waters, Indian ocean, Pemba island
World records for catching black and blue marlin, sailfish, giant carnx, toothed and yellowfin tuna, not to mention smaller trophies, were set here. Rest in Mozambique turns into a dream fishing for every tourist who comes here. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, massive sand deposits in the Limpopo River formed the Bazaruto Archipelago, consisting of 4 large islands: Magaruque, Bazaruto, Santa Carolina and Benguerua. Portuguese researchers who came here called the island "Sao Antonio" (Sao Antonio), but then it was renamed Benguer after the leader of one of the local tribal clans. Subsequently, the island received the status of a national park (1971).

Why nature sounds and deep breathing are so relaxing

Benguera Island lies 14 km from the town of Vilanculos in the continental part of Mozambique. It extends in length for 11 km and 5.5 km wide. The island of Benguera is represented by a rich variety of eco-zones and landscapes (sand dunes, savanna, freshwater lakes, swamps, acacia thickets, forest). About 140 species of birds are officially registered on the island. It grows cashew nut trees and casuarin trees. They are a natural obstacle to soil erosion by the wind.

When the time comes to leave, there is no limit to sadness. Pacification, embracing a person in this distant wondrous corner, literally clung to the soul and did not want to let go. This is a country of amazing nature (both terrestrial and underwater), rich fauna, ancient cities and beautiful beaches. The water at the islands is unrealistically transparent, it overflows with all the shades of ultramarine. A very active underwater life can be observed on the rocky shore. Especially if you throw a little bread left over from dinner. The islands are clean, long sandy shoals-beaches. They are exposed at low tide, creating whole fields of golden and white fine sand.

The people of Mozambique are very friendly towards tourists. The resort islands of Mozambique have a well-developed tourist infrastructure - here everyone will find affordable housing. The five islands of Bazaruto are considered to be a real tourist Mecca - excellent beaches and delicious cuisine, developed infrastructure and clear ocean water are just some of the advantages of the archipelago. Here, on the islands of Benguer, Bazaruto, Santa Carolina, Magarook, the very nature of the unique conditions for a relaxing and measured rest.

In terms of fishing, Mozambique is a unique country, a real fishing paradise. Especially famous for its deep-sea fishing Bazaruto archipelago. This archipelago is perhaps the best place on the planet for fishing on black marlin. Therefore, deep sea fishing in Mozambique attracts amateurs and professionals from all over the world. On the Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique, fishing tourists are offered one of the most spectacular world-class fishermen. The Mozambique Channel, where the archipelago is located, is part of the Indian Ocean. The Mozambique Channel harbors a huge amount of the most diverse ichthyofauna in its depths. There without any problems you can find and catch black marlin, kingfish, king mackerel, barracuda, sailfish, stone perch and many other types of the most exotic fish on our planet.

Many fishermen from all over the world visit the archipelago, with the aim to face off with a giant black marlin, sailfish or wahoo. But even a beginner, an inexperienced angler, will find his fish here and will never be left without a decent catch. Bazaruto Archipelago since 1971, part of the National Park of Mozambique. The archipelago includes the three main islands of Bazaruto, Benguer and Margaruk. The second largest island after Bazaruto is Benguer, where the fishing camp known to many extreme fishermen is located on it.

According to the rules of the National Park of Mozambique, most trophies are supposed to be released back into the aquatic environment. However, the memory of the trophy as an idyllic photograph will always be with the angler. This is a justified policy, which is conducted to preserve the unique ichthyofauna of this paradise of the earth. From this sea fishing in Mozambique on the Bazaruto archipelago will not be less interesting and spectacular, and each of the fishermen will be able to catch their trophy, having survived the bright moments of the struggle with strong and stubborn fish.

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