Netherlands tourism. Traditional windmill with red vanes in the Holland countryside. Amsterdam tourism. Budget travel

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Visit the country of flowers and windmills. Holland, a coastal country, one of the most developed world powers in the 17th century

Holland's business card is windmills. Almost half of the territory of the Netherlands (Holland) was conquered from the water with the help of dams and windmills, which activate pumps for pumping out water and draining areas near the dams. The Netherlands is a country of the sea, so one of the distinguishing features of the diet of its inhabitants is the northern fish.

Windmills in Kinderdijk are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands. Zaanstad is notable for the Zanse Schans open-air museum, one of the best places in the Netherlands to see windmills in working condition. All mills have a swivel tower to have maximum efficiency regardless of wind direction. The unique Kinderdijk was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List back in 1997, because its windmills are masterpieces of the water system located in a typical Dutch landscape and carry historical, cultural and ecological significance. For centuries, mills in Holland have been human helpers and defenders. Windmill in the Netherlands is the pride of the locals and a popular tourist attraction.

Traveling in Holland - this phrase brings a sense of celebration, adventure, acquaintance with something new and unknown. Those tourists who are tired of spending holidays on the beaches, grilling to a chocolate shade, and then bringing the same type of magnets due to foreign travel, should definitely visit Holland, a country of contrasts and paradoxes.

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Netherlands tourism. Traditional windmill with red vanes in the Holland countryside. Amsterdam tourism.
The first paradoxical feature is that the country, called by many Holland, officially bears the name of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Holland is just 2 provinces - North and South. In total, there are 12. However, it is more correct to call the inhabitants of the Kingdom the Dutch. By the way, the name of the Kingdom, the Netherlands, is translated as "lower lands". Indeed, most of the country's area is below sea level.

Budget vacations for couples. In the old days, about 1000 mills functioned here, but only 13 survived to our days

Last-minute deals. The Netherlands can not be imagined without windmills. Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in the world - even on weekdays it's not easy to find a place in a hotel. A visit to the Windmills in Holland is an unforgettable journey into traditional Holland for you and your whole family. Creative getaway ideas. This is another place in Holland that you must visit. Tourists from all over the world, arriving in Holland, are sure to visit the Kinderdkeyk windmills, as one of the most popular attractions of the Netherlands. Journey to the mills. Holland and windmills.

If you are planning a trip to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, then you should not limit yourself to visiting only the capital. Of course, Amsterdam is an extraordinary city. Here you can spend unforgettable holidays, plunging into the amazing atmosphere of the city, walking through the parks, enjoying the bridges and canals.

In the capital of the Netherlands collected a huge number of attractions, museums, exhibitions. Not to mention the countless number of various restaurants, pubs and other places of entertainment. The city is unusual in its beauty and magnificent in its diversity. Here everyone will find for himself something that he likes. In this city I want to get lost. However, you will get great pleasure if you get out of the capital and breathe in the atmosphere of the real Holland.

In order to see how the native Dutch live, it is not necessary to move far from the capital. There are many interesting small towns and villages, which can be reached within 20 - 30 minutes, using any of the available modes of transport. In the suburbs of Amsterdam, a large number of small farming townships and villages are scattered. In these places, you can profit from high-quality local products such as cheese, wine, fish, pastries, sweets, etc. You will be surprised at the variety of local products and the level of local prices, which are significantly lower than in the expensive tourist capital.

After exploring the Amsterdam area while traveling to the Netherlands, it makes sense to visit other major cities. One of the most interesting, beautiful and important cities for the Netherlands is The Hague. Despite the fact that the status of the capital of the Netherlands belongs to Amsterdam, the main institutions of government are concentrated in The Hague, such as parliament, government, legislative and executive authorities, various ministries and representative offices. There are many diplomats and government officials working in this city. The royal family is also located in The Hague.

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