New Zealand tours. Coast near the Cathedral Cove, Hahei, Coromandel Peninsula. New Zealand vacations

Somewhere on the edge of the world: New Zealand

In the Cathedral Bay there is a huge cave, carved out over the centuries by sea surf, winds and sun

This cave resembles in its shape the Gothic cathedral, hence the name of the cave and the bay. The Cathedral bay, along with the neighboring Gemstone Bay, Stingray Bay, and Mares Leg Cove, are part of the marine protected area (in Maori language) Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve - Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve. This reserve is located in close proximity to the resort town of Hahei, next to it on the ocean there is a large cozy beach Hahei Beach. Near the cave in the Cathedral Bay there is a high rock, in its form very similar to the sail of a ship. It is called "Te Hoho". It is she who is visible in the cave opening in all photos.

The place is very beautiful, it is very popular among tourists and especially among photographers - lovers of natural landscapes. There are many photos on the Internet, representing the Cathedral Bay and the Cathedral Cove in the pink haze of dawn or at sunset. Insanely beautiful. In general, the entire local area, like a fabulous landscape, acquires a special charm at dawn and in the rays of a purple sunset. Relaxing on this beach and even walking in the bosom of New Zealand nature is definitely a pleasant and hearty holiday.

Coromandel Peninsula - it is here that hundreds of tourists come every year to see firsthand the natural miracle called Cathedral Cove. The cave is the pearl of the Cathedral Bay. Newlyweds arrange wedding ceremonies here on the ocean, and lovers organize romantic picnics.

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New Zealand tours. Coast near the Cathedral Cove, Hahei, Coromandel Peninsula. New Zealand vacations.
There are an incredible number of national parks on the islands and there are tourist paths of various levels of difficulty in all. It is even difficult to single out one thing, because every parks, natural attractions are good in their own way and deserve the attention of tourists. For example, the obligatory part of the program of green tourism fans who came to New Zealand is Fiordland Park, surrounded by mountains and pleasing the cleanest waters of the Tasman Sea.

In the Cathedral Bay on both sides of its cave there are beaches where you can sunbathe, swim, kayak (tours are offered there) and even dive or snorkel

The Cathedral Cave in New Zealand is a tremendous work of art in the Gothic style created by nature itself, where the architect and designer are the ocean and the wind. The arch in the rock resembles a fabulous portal to some fantastic world that is so far impossible to see. Informational brochures and websites telling about what is interesting to see in New Zealand on the Coromandel Peninsula will definitely be pictures of the Cathedral Bay, alluring with its beauty.

To visit here at least once and see it all with my own eyes is definitely worth it. The length of the cave is 120 meters, height - over 20 meters. The Cathedral Cave in New Zealand is one of the few caves on the planet where music concerts were held. The Cathedral Cave is located near the resort town of Hahei. Therefore, one of the most beautiful beaches near the cave is called Hahei. It is famous for its blue-turquoise waves, white sand and fancy trees with an unusual shape of leaves and bright fruits.

Holidays in New Zealand is primarily nature. Immense reserves, high mountains, clear lakes are all a paradise for lovers of green tourism. If you decide to spend your holidays in New Zealand, you can be sure that here you will find entertainment for every taste and incredible adventures. In this island state everything is provided for a great holiday.

The country pays special attention to the preservation of nature, and therefore fans of green tourism will be able to enjoy the incredible beauty of the forests, walk along the mountain slopes. For admirers of passive, calm and measured pastime there are many comfortable beaches and comfortable hotels. By the way, the beaches of New Zealand are not only clean, but also quite extended. Extreme tourism is especially developed.

The endangered Kakapo parrot and the Kiwi bird, what do you know about them? Mankind ruthlessly destroys nature and stopping it is extremely difficult. To the animal world, man does the same great harm and the state of New Zealand is the best proof of this. Once upon a time, unusually beautiful birds inhabited on its territory, which could not be found on other continents. Now most of them are completely exterminated, although scientists believe that this error can be corrected.

The birds found in New Zealand are truly unique. The fact is that the animal world of the two islands, on which the state is located, developed in isolation from the whole world. Local birds practically did not interbreed with species that arrived from other continents, and therefore have an unusual appearance and character. New Zealand was inhabited by humans only about 700 years ago, and until then, the only mammals on these islands were bats. Parrots had nothing to fear, so they did not develop protective instincts. The indigenous people of New Zealand easily caught them and ate them. The meat of these birds was considered a delicacy, so it is not surprising that they were almost completely wiped off the face of the Earth.

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