Niagara Falls tours. Tree covered by thick layer of iced mist, Niagara Falls Horseshoe at background. Niagara Falls packages

The waterfall completely froze only twice - in 1848 and 1912

Niagara - "rumbling water" - a waterfall overflowing from a height of 50 m

This is a miracle of nature and a landmark of Canada and the United States. Every year, millions of tourists come to North America to see this personification of the strength and power of nature. Niagara is seen and heard long before it appears: a cloud of water vapor appears in front of you and the sound of breaking water is heard. At night it is very beautifully illuminated, it gives the impression of something mystical and miraculous. On weekends and holidays, tourists and locals can admire wonderful fireworks.

Niagara Falls has many viewing platforms overlooking the falls, a huge park and several interesting islands. Niagara Falls is much more beautiful from the Canadian side. You can clearly see the Bridal Veil and the American Falls, and only from this side you can clearly see the Horseshoe. You can also watch Niagara Falls from a bird's-eye view from a helicopter. The most popular period for visiting Niagara Falls is summer. In winter, the park is also open, but some attractions, such as the Maid of the Mist or the Winds Cave, do not work.

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Niagara Falls tours. Tree covered by thick layer of iced mist, Niagara Falls Horseshoe at background. Niagara Falls packages

Niagara Falls does not carry any official title of the "most-most", but still it is the most famous waterfall in the world

There are many majestic and beautiful waterfalls in the world, one of which already causes a storm of bright emotions. But if you ask any person to name the first one that came to his mind, the majority would recall Niagara Falls. Actually, these are as many as three waterfalls: "Horseshoe" (height 51 m), "Bridal Veil" and "American Falls" (height 21 meters, because stones are piled at the foot). The last two are in the territory of America, and the first - in Canada, so the second its name is "Canadian Falls".

The waterfall can be viewed from the bottom, sailing on small ships called the Maiden of the Mist - just imagine that you go under a cold shower with all things. At the foot of the waterfall is the "Cave of the Winds", where tourists descend on a special elevator. Above the waterfalls and the promenade, even on a clear day, there is a slight hazy mist. It is formed by jets of water, breaking up into small, soaring up drops. Thanks to this phenomenon, you can almost always see a rainbow over Niagara Falls.

Over the many centuries that have passed since the onset of the waterfalls, because of soil erosion, they retreated several kilometers upstream. There is a beautiful park around Niagara Falls, you can walk through it on foot or on small cars. Entrance to the waterfall is free, there are several sites from which a beautiful view opens. The most popular option for budget travelers, do not stay overnight in Buffalo (Buffalo) or Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls). Usually everyone arrives in the morning and leaves in the evening or at night.

The Niagara River is a reservoir on the North American continent that serves as a pool of waters between the lakes of Ontario and Erie. The river also plays a role in the natural boundary between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States. It stretched for 56 km, the catchment basin area is more than 665 thousand square meters. km The reservoir begins its course from Lake Erie, and mainly flows to the north. In the upper reaches of the reservoir there are two branches, and between them, the islands of Grand Island are located.

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