Nice vacations France. Hot summer afternoon bay at Nice. France tours

The sights of Nice and the surrounding area are very diverse

Nice is a resort and the main city of the Cote d'Azur with a glorious history

During a sightseeing tour of Nice, covering all the major attractions of Nice, marked on the map, you can visit: Place Massena, Place Garibaldi, Hotel Negresco, Promenade des Anglais, Old Town, Port Lympia, Chagall Museum, Matisse Museum, Gallery of Modern Art , Museum of Fine Arts, Asia Art Museum, Massena Museum, Palace of Justice, Opera Theater, Russian St. Nicholas Cathedral, St. Reparata Cathedral, Notre-Dame de Nice Basilica, Notre-Dame du Porte Church, better known as Immaculate Conception Church, Monas yr Cimiez, City Observatory, Fort Alban, monument to victims of World War I, better known as the Monument to the Fallen, Street Cours Saleya, Centennial Monument, Cemetery Chateau Boulevard Anglais, West Park and Phoenix Park, Lookout Nice playground - Castle Hill.

Neighborhoods Nice is not only a picturesque chateau and pastoral grazing goats. Around the town is concentrated the whole life that the province leads and the surroundings are full of interesting things, starting with the addresses of movie stars, for example, Bardo and ending with places known to the ears of everyone, such as Cannes or Saint-Tropez. Tourist boats with open view upper decks, depart from the port of Nice and follow through the beautiful Bay of Angels. During the trip, you can take amazing pictures of sea views. You can visit Cannes, Lerins Islands, St. Tropez.

The old center of Nice still keeps the medieval spirit: narrow labyrinths of winding streets with houses pressed against each other under red tiles, churches, cozy cafes and shops of merchants beckon tourists who dream to plunge into the past for a while. In the seaside part of Nice, a completely different mood reigns: here there are lush eclectic buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries with elegant facades and loud pedigrees. Nice is an aristocrat city with a romantic veil, and the journey here is always unforgettable.

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Nice vacations France. Hot summer afternoon bay at Nice. France tours.

The most interesting places in Nice are Massena Square, the English Promenade, Lascari Palace, Castle Hill, Matisse House

400 thousand years ago, people already lived on the territory of present-day Nice. And in the 4th century BC the Greeks arrived here by sea and settled on Chateau Hill, intending to turn the small settlement of Nicea (Nice) into a strategic and commercial center of the Mediterranean. During the period of Roman rule on another hill in today's Nice - Simier - by Emperor Augustus in 14 BC.

The city of Semenelum was founded, which quickly grew and remained central in the province from the 1st to the 4th century AD. Over the next centuries, it was rich and prosperous but later it was almost completely destroyed by the invasions of the barbarians. The Negresco Hotel, where celebrities stay - a living legend. Among the guests were Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, Marlene Dietrich, Francoise Sagan.

There lived Isadora Duncan, the famous dancer, the wife of Sergei Yesenin. In October 1974, "Negresco" is recognized as a historical monument. Dali, Picasso, Truman, Churchill, Rockefeller, The Beatles, Gagarin, Brigitte Bordeaux, Hemingway and many other artists, politicians, actors, writers, sheikhs, millionaires left their autographs in the Golden Book.

Considering where to go in Nice, you should not forget about her, if not the main one, but one of the main attractions - about the kitchen. Riviera restaurants are a separate story and a true legend. Dishes served here can not be tasted anywhere else in the world. Everything in Nice is within walking distance, you don't need to go anywhere and need anything, but you need to know how to use the map. Nice tourist maps with landmarks and marked historically interesting places with which something is connected are sold in all major languages, literally in every little shop, be it a flower shop, a wine cellar or a tobacco pavilion.

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