Bhutan travel. Paro Taktsang - Taktsang Palphug Monastery (Tiger's Nest) in Bhutan. Bhutan tourism

Bhutan is a kingdom. Bhutanese call their country - "The Land of the Thunder Dragon".

Bhutan is pine forests, Tibetan houses, clean streets, people in national dress and Tibetan appearance

The more you travel in Himalayas, the more you are interested not in mountain landscapes, but people living in the mountains - they are open, honest, sincere and very pleasant in communication. There are about 200 dzong monasteries on the territory of the kingdom, and some were built back in the 7th century. King of Tibet Songsten Gampo. For several centuries, they served as a refuge from Tibetan invaders and wild animals. Over time, populated areas appeared around dzongs.

In 2003, mountaineering in these mountains was completely forbidden: all mountains are sacred, since they are believed to be the places of residence of Buddhas and other deities, and therefore it is inappropriate to disturb them.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a lost paradise in the Himalayas. For lovers of exotic and unforgettable impressions, this country is the ideal choice for a holiday, the memories of which will remain in memory forever! Holidays in Bhutan can be quite varied. For lovers of history will be offered a rich excursion program in various monasteries and cities.

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Bhutan travel. Paro Taktsang - Taktsang Palphug Monastery (Tiger Nest) in Bhutan. Bhutan tourism.

The most famous place in the country is the Tiger's Nest Monastery, which is located on the cliff of a huge rock

When, after a two-hour climb, you finally see what exactly the people built right on the rock, then this, of course, is very impressive. The monks say that it is not enough just to see the temple or visit it, the climb to the mountain itself is an integral part of the mysterious spiritual cleansing. During the ascent to the mountain you can see beautiful huge pine forests, surroundings and amazing views.

Most of all, you will be impressed by a small temple over a waterfall in which they retreat for meditation. This state is located between India and China, on the southern slope of the Great Himalayan Range, which rises to a height of 7000 meters above sea level. For many centuries the country was reliably isolated by the Himalayas from the outside world, which allowed the unique, authentic culture to be preserved here.

Tantric Buddhism is proclaimed the official religion and spiritual heritage of Bhutan. One of the hallmarks of the assessment of the welfare and development of its people, the government of Bhutan officially considers happiness. The minimum cost of staying in Bhutan is $200 / day during the low season and $250 / day during the high season. The price includes accommodation in a hotel of at least 3 stars, food, expenses for a guide, driver and a car for trips outside the capital. This amount also includes $ 65 / day of kingdom duty, which go to the improvement of the country.

The peculiarity of Bhutan, unlike other tourist destinations, is the invariability and preservation of nature, culture, architecture and traditions that were protected from the influence of Western culture due to the country's long isolation from the outside world. A trip to Bhutan is not only an inspection of the monuments of ancient Tibetan culture and dzong fortresses, but also participation in festive processions and festivals: to the accompaniment of horns and drums, monks dressed in brightly decorated costumes and with awesome masks on their faces, dance in a religious dance "Tsam", playing various episodes from the history of Buddhism.

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