Croatia travel. Waterfalls in Plitvice National Park. Croatia tourism

There are plenty of places in Croatia that tourists should definitely visit

Plitvice Lakes is probably the most famous and most visited tourist site in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes is a unique nature reserve with thousands of streams, waterfalls and waterfalls, dozens of lakes with water of amazing purity and color, hundreds of birds nesting on the shores, and, in general, amazing nature, strictly protected in its original form. Lakes are divided into upper and lower. The upper lakes, lying in the dolomite valley, are surrounded by dense forests and are connected by several magnificent waterfalls. The lower lakes are smaller and smaller. They are mainly fed by the Bisla and Crna rivers (their names mean white and black), which connect to the south of Proshchansko lake.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a visiting card of Croatia, a unique natural formation and an unambiguous must see. The lakes are extremely picturesque - wooded hills surround turquoise lakes, which are interconnected by a series of waterfalls and river cascades. On the shores of lakes, under waterfalls and above the noisy water, winding wooden walkways and floorings are laid (their total length is 18 km). In 1979, UNESCO declared Plitvice Lakes a world heritage site. Plitvice is just a fabulous place of extraordinary beauty.

The climate of continental Croatia is very different from the climate on the coast. Palms, cacti, olive groves grow near the sea, there is practically no winter, and there are mountains on the Plitvice Lakes, only coniferous and deciduous forests grow, in winter there is snow.

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Croatia travel. Waterfalls in Plitvice National Park. Croatia tourism.
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Plitvice lakes, walking route. What to see in Croatia

People come here by cars, they are brought here by buses, but often people watch or they are shown only a small part of all this beauty. You do not need to limit yourself in time, plan a whole day to inspect Plitvice Lakes and you will get much more pleasure than a 2-hour jog on the main attractions of the reserve. It is best to stay for a couple of nights in one of the nearby pensioners, who are around a lot, and at very reasonable prices.

There are many places in Plitvice Lakes where you can relax, read a book or admire untouched nature. The color of water depends on the underwater plants, they are different everywhere. This is the miracle of the Plitvice Lakes, in one small area - a huge variety of flora. There is a rule in the park: what fell into the water remains there. Nobody pulls out snags or dead leaves, so the microflora is not disturbed and nature remains intact. So the Croatian authorities preserve the park for future generations.

Croatia is a cozy world in which the most modern beaches coexist with delightful forests, hills and mountains. Croatia has a special, poetic name - "The country of thousands of islands", although its islands are actually about 1185. Each island is a bright piece of natural mosaic of Croatia, which for many years has been admired not only by tourists, but also by world-famous artists. In the poetic charm of Croatia will not refuse. Once, Agatha Christie, the detective legend, spent her honeymoon here. Kings and emperors enjoyed their holidays here from century to century. Croatia was celebrated by Lord Byron, Jack London, Yesenin, Chekhov and other masters of the word.

For lovers of all unusual, mysterious and inspiring, Croatia has in store a lot of sightseeing wonders. And one of the most striking is a trip to the Plitvice Lakes! This is a true natural masterpiece that has long been adorning the pages of hundreds of geographic magazines. The national park covers an area of 217 hectares and includes 16 different lakes and a huge number of waterfalls. With its enchanting atmosphere, this place is somewhat reminiscent of the Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina.

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