Nepal travel. A series of buddhist prayer wheels in a buddhist temple. Spiritual Nepal vacation. Tender moments

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Nepal is an amazing country, where many legends and fairy tales are combined with reality

The greatest religions have entwined here with roots and created many memorable and sacred sites. Tibet is a highland plateau, a mysterious mystical place that attracts with its inaccessibility and uniqueness. Tibet often becomes the most desirable destination for experienced travelers, and for good reason it is called the "roof of the world": most of the territory is located at altitudes exceeding 4,000 meters above sea level.

In the south of Nepal Shakyamuni Buddha was born. Take the opportunity to see the mysterious mountain worlds of Nepal and Tibet, sparkling snow-covered Himalayan peaks, touch the exotic culture. Understanding why the mountains of Nepal attract so many people comes to tourists on the plane: a wall of icy peaks covers the entire horizon above the city.

Nepal will not leave anyone indifferent. You either promise never to return here, or fall in love with him completely and irrevocably. Nepal is poverty and incredible spiritual wealth, the dust of Kathmandu and the air of freedom in the mountains, dogs barking at night and singing mantras in the morning, these are circles around the stupa, instead of hours on social networks.

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Nepal travel. A series of buddhist prayer wheels in a buddhist temple. Spiritual Nepal vacation.
Believe it or not, but miracles do happen here. All the desires that you make are fulfilled much faster, and sometimes even instantly. Here, people are inspired, changed, and attached to this country forever. If you have a couple of dreams that have still not come true, a desire to be filled with energy, to plunge headlong into an unimaginable culture and the inner feeling that you are ready for Nepal, then you should not postpone a meeting with him.

In the mountains of the Himalayas there are many caves and other shrines known only to monks

Many Buddhist temples are built here. The discovery of amazing distant countries gives us some of the best impressions in life. Getting to know Nepal and Tibet is the best reason to return. Nepal is a small amazing country. This is a heavenly place for a mountain trekking lover. The country has interesting traditions, culture and unique history. Enjoy the amazing, virgin beauty of nature and man-made monuments.

Valley of dreams. Since ancient times, fertile valleys of foothills have attracted sedentary tribes. You can appreciate the beauty and majesty of Himalayan peaks in Nepal, enjoy its landscapes and get an endless charge of energy. Traveling through ancient Nepal: monasteries, Buddhist and Hindu temples, palaces, streets and markets, where altars of Hindu gods stand on every corner, and the life of the locals boils over, the same as 200 years ago.

In ancient times, Nepal lay under the waters of a huge lake. Then, according to legends, according to scientists, after the earthquake, the water descended and the area began to settle. These places were fertile, and the people - skillful. Nepal has become the cradle of Buddhism throughout the Eastern world. The heyday of the state came during the reign of the Malla dynasty, during the reign of which many monuments were built that have survived to the present day. Kathmandu Valley has become the capital of the state.

Nepal is located in Asia - between India and China. Located in the great Himalayan mountains. Nearby is the mysterious autonomous Tibet. Nepal is the most mountainous country in the world, almost all of its parts cover the Himalayas. Despite poverty, the country is developing a tourist infrastructure. Hotels in Nepal mass. In Kathmandu, they meet international standards: swimming pool, service, food. But most of the tourists save and settle down in a guest house, where amenities are minimal - it is enough that there is a garden on the roof, and the owners are friendly.

Go to the Monkey Temple - on Swayamba stupa. Here, tourists and monks walk around the stupa, turn prayer drums, set incense on fire, pray to the Buddha, and at this time monkeys run around everywhere, which have already become an integral part of the temple. It is from here that a beautiful panorama of the whole city opens. Explore Kathmandu Tourist Center - Thamel District. Here the streets are filled with merchants, shops and restaurants. Here people, vehicles and animals got mixed up. It is here that the atmosphere of that noisy bustling Kathmandu reigns.

In fact, Nepal is more of a topic not about sights, but about trekking. Going to the mountains with a group of associates to climb the peaks of the world and feel like a grain of sand on our huge planet - is this not the goal? But, since we arrived, then of course you can give a couple of days to churches, monasteries, palaces of local rulers and very authentic streets. You also can take all day safari in the national park. You will canoe along the river with crocodiles, visit the elephant nursery and ride a safari jeep a few kilometers into the jungle, where you can meet everyone from harmless deer to Bengal tigers. In the evening, take a look at local traditional dances. You will definitely remember this nature and meeting with animals for a long time.

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