Redang beach, Terengganu. All inclusive romantic luxury vacations for couples

On Redang you will find the purest water, a white sandy beach, lots of greenery

Redang Island is located in the northeast of Malaysia

Redang, the largest of the nine islands of the archipelago of the same name is washed by the South China Sea and is considered one of the best islands of Malaysia. The sea on Redang is impeccable. Thanks to the clear and calm water, the abundance of coral reefs, rich marine flora and fauna, Redang is an ideal place for snorkeling. A visit will not be considered complete unless you dive into the water and see for yourself the richness of its underwater world. All resorts offer tourists similar tours, rent equipment (masks, snorkels and life jackets) for scuba diving.

When you have a dream about vacationing in Malaysia on a beautiful small island with white sand, turquoise water and rainforest a minute walk from your room, you won't think a better realization of this dream than Redang. This island combines everything that tourists so often seek at exotic resorts: almost untouched nature, no crowds on the beaches, good infrastructure for the small island and reasonable prices. The best beaches of Redang are on the east coast of the country. Once here, you are transported into the magical world of the tropics, which is really impossible to resist. You lie on the soft sand, and around you only the sea, the sun, the blue sky and palm trees.

Redang offers visitors a choice of many different diving sites, taking into account all levels of training, from diving in shallow water to diving to great depths with a high level of difficulty. There are beautiful gardens with hard and soft corals. Diving sites are located near the island and are quickly accessible by boat. This resort is ideal for those who decide to go diving or snorkeling. There are many types of fish, and they are constantly changing, the water temperature will change a little, other fish swim. Underwater dwellers: hawk and green turtles, unpowered turtles, barracudas, stingrays, garupa, whale sharks, tiger sea urchins, lobsters, as well as black, red and white corals, gargonaria and sponges.

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Redang beach, Terengganu

Redang is surrounded by numerous reefs with perennial plate-like coral formations of amazing beauty

The waters around the island abound in colorful marine life. On Redang, you can enjoy a variety of leisure activities: swimming, diving, canoeing and jet skiing. To different parts of the island can be reached by boat. There are many uninhabited rocky islands around Redang. Redang seems a lost, unexplored and terribly distant island where you can mix Robinson games with amazing diving. The territorial waters around Redang over 7 nautical miles have been declared a marine park. Some of the most interesting local dive sites are Big Mountain, Lima Island and Mini Mountain.

The climate on the island is subequatorial - sunny, humid and hot, with occasional rainfall. The best time to visit Redang is from April to September. Visibility in the water at this time in good weather reaches 30 meters. Redang Island has a unique ecosystem. Here you can see 500 species of coral and almost 3,000 species of marine life living on reefs.

On Redang, you can see the most famous coral in the world - Mushroom coral, so named because of its mushroom shape, a height of 20 meters and 300 meters in diameter. From August to September, there is a migration of giant tipless turtles, which in turn attracts many snorkeling fans from all over the world. An ideal place for snorkeling and diving. Biss and green turtles, barracudas, stingrays, whale sharks, tiger sea urchins, lobsters, as well as black, red and white corals, gorgonians and sponges also live here. There were no wrecks either: there are two sunken warships, Prince of Wales and Repulse, to the services of curious divers.

The sea is really very beautiful, especially after 12 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun illuminates it so much that it becomes azure-turquoise. The water is clean, clear, visibility under the water is just gorgeous. The water temperature is comfortable, the sand is white, shallow, no seashells, fragments of corals. In between dives, you can go fishing, windsurfing or go boating and canoeing. Only here fish within a radius of 3.2 km around the island can not be caught, it is also prohibited to ski and motorboat. However, this has its advantages: the water here is unusually clear and transparent.

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