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Sights of Rotterdam. What to see in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam many consider the architectural capital of Europe, if not the world

Many architectural studios are located here, something amazing is being built here every year. The city was almost completely destroyed during the war, so the architects had a chance to swing. The sights of Rotterdam are a contrast of ancient historical monuments and the most modern buildings. Proponents of advanced technologies and connoisseurs of antiquity will certainly find something to see in Rotterdam, for good reason the city is famous for fantastic architecture, avant-garde art and colorful festivals.

Advanced technical constructions, the highest observation platforms, spacious parks, restaurants with rich cuisine, medieval antiquity - tourists dazzle from this diversity, and time sometimes sets strict limits. What to see in Rotterdam for 1 day, so as not to have to regret something lost? What to choose and where to go to a traveler in Rotterdam, if the choice is extremely rich, and there is only a week left?

The Rotterdam Town Hall is a building in which the municipal authority of the city has already been housed for a century, survived the hardships of the Second World War, was substantially destroyed, but with the remnants of the building it eventually managed to return the old look. In the 90s, the Town Hall building was recognized as a state monument, it stands out for its unusual decor with an abundance of images and sculptures.

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Holland travel. Aerial view of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Europe tours. Holland tourism.
Museum Boijmans - van Beuningen: the history of one of the largest museums of Rotterdam began in the mid-19th century, when lawyer and collector Boymans bequeathed his collection of works of art to Rotterdam. The museum itself was founded only in the early 19th century, and opened its doors to visitors in 1935. Later, the museum exhibition was supplemented by a collection of another art lover - the entrepreneur Beuningen. These two collections constitute the main core of the museum exposition. Today, the gallery contains various pieces of art from the period of the early Middle Ages to our time.

Rotterdam is a very interesting city

Rotterdam is a city located in Holland, which is famous for its unique history. Military actions, epidemics, social upheavals - this was reflected in its formation and development. During the Second World War, he was virtually wiped off the face of the Earth, he was literally erected from the ashes. The old units that survived the bloody battles are almost gone. But then museums, preserved sights, festivals and local people will tell in full the whole history of the Netherlands. Rotterdam has a tram route number 10 - this is a tourist route, it drives visitors to the city in historical places. But it works only in the summer, and the rest of the time the couple orders it for weddings. Trams traveling along this route are real museum exhibits.

The Delfshaven district can rightly be called one of the best attractions of Rotterdam, because the spirit of pre-war antiquity is still preserved here - most of its buildings managed to survive military bombings and somehow survive. Having been here, one can imagine what Rotterdam looked like 200-300 years ago. In the antique shops, tourists can buy valuable art objects, and in cozy restaurants and pubs - to relax and dine. Slowly walking through the streets of Delfshhaven, the traveler can have a very nice time - visit the old brewery, touch the old days, visiting the deck of the Delft ship or visiting the Pilgrim Fathers Church.

Rotterdam, which is one of the largest port cities in Europe, by definition should have a museum associated with the sea. And indeed, you will not have to search long for what to visit in Rotterdam in order to get a closer look at its maritime history. The Maritime Museum is the oldest in Rotterdam and is among the top five world maritime museums. He keeps in his treasury more than half a million valuable exhibits, including models of old ships, projects of various designs, equipment, sea atlases, maps, etc.

The Church of St. Lawrence once belonged to the Protestant community, it is the only building in Rotterdam, preserved from the Middle Ages. Initially, the church bore the name of the patroness of the poor - St. Elizabeth. During the Second World War, the temple building was significantly destroyed by two bombs, but managed to survive. The later restored church became a cathedral and acquired the name of the patron saint of the city, St. Lawrence. Tourists are surprised at the unusual approach to the use of the inner space of the shrine - for example, there is a cafe, exhibitions are held, and numerous electric lights replace the flame of candles.

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