Saint Martin vacations. Beach landing in St. Maarten. International flights. Princess Juliana International Airport. Sint Maarten tours

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The island of Saint-Martin is located in the Caribbean, it is located 8 kilometers south of the island of Anguilla. Saint-Martin belongs to the French overseas community. All the islands in the Caribbean are different. Perhaps this is one of the most unusual islands of all the islands of the world. The island has two names. Even a double name is written on the map: Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten. The island is divided by the border into two almost flat parts. One of them belongs to France, it is called Saint-Martin. The second belongs to the Netherlands. It is called Sint Maarten. The island of St. Maarten is made of volcanic rocks, it is hilly.

The island has a tropical climate, with an average temperature of 27 degrees above zero. Snorkeling lovers can go to Little Bay Beach, which is known for its clear water, and Coconut Grove is best for fascinating windsurfing. Those who cannot live without fishing can visit Simpson Bay Beach, there is a magnificent quiet beach, and a fishing village is located nearby. Kapka beach is suitable for family holidays with children, there are many weathered cliffs, at the base of which cozy coves with white sand formed.

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Saint Martin vacations. Beach landing in St. Maarten. International flights. Princess Juliana International Airport. Sint Maarten tours.

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On the Dutch side, there is a beach that made the island famous far beyond. This beach is called Maho and is located not far from Princess Juliana International Airport, the airport's runway almost closely adjoins it, and planes fly over the heads of holidaymakers literally 10-20 meters away. The true gems of Saint-Martin Island include the resorts of Port Bonaire Resort and Plaza Resort Bonaire, as they combine excellent architecture with stunning nature.

Resorts are known for their gardens with exotic vegetation and diving. Divers will appreciate all the wealth of the underwater world, because during the dive you can see coral reefs, sharks, dolphins, rays, as well as the remains of sunken ships. Marigot is the most picturesque city on the island, the capital of its French part. It is located by the picturesque bay with the fort of Saint-Louis. Cheap all inclusive honeymoon packages with airfare.

Here is an interesting historical museum, which is worth a visit, there are art workshops with excellent paintings, and you can buy your favorite works of local artists. In addition, you can go to the butterfly farm. If you are lucky, then you can visit the carnival. Romantic getaways creative getaway ideas.

If you want to experience the taste of local gastronomy, then go to the village of Grand Kaz. It has the appearance of a typical Creole village, in which there are wooden houses, and hibiscus bushes surround them. In this village are located over 30 restaurants of French cuisine. Each restaurant has its own original menu and excellent wines. Here you can sit at a table, admiring the sea over a glass of brandy, and also smoked a real Cuban cigar. Best family vacations on a budget. What you need to know when traveling by air?most romantic international honeymoon destinations; why vacations are important for family.

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