Samoa vacation. Holiday Island in Samoa, South Pacific Ocean. Resort Samoa

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Samoa is most appreciated by mountains, tropical forests, sandy beaches and picturesque villages

Samoa consists of the islands of Savaii and Upolu, plus two small tropical islands and islets, on most of the islands there are mountain ranges and traces of lava flows. Samoa from all sides washed by the Pacific Ocean. The only city of the state is the capital called Apia. The House of Parliament and the ancient Observatory, located in Mulinu'u, are the first on the list of Samoa's attractions.

The main character here is Robert Louis Stevenson. The author of "Treasure Island". Although he lived on Upolu, the main island of the archipelago, only his last four years were buried here, but it seems that he was always here and did more for the country than anyone else. One of the most remarkable natural sites of Samoa is the 55-meter-high Fuipichia Falls and the Lethui Lava Caves over a kilometer long. Also lovers of flora and fauna should appreciate the splendor of the coral reef Aleipata, where the protected areas of nesting sea birds are located.

Thanks to its chic nature, Samoa is considered to be a great place to have a great rest and travel on foot. Currently, tourism in the western part of Samoa is just beginning to develop. You can explore the island by boat or canoe, and also foreigners are quite widely used by bicycles to travel around the picturesque places of the island. The cuisine of Samoa islanders do not indulge tourists with spicy flavors. But here you can try the food cooked in earthen ovens. Coconut is the main and important component in the local menu of popular national dishes.

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Samoa vacation. Holiday Island in Samoa, South Pacific Ocean. Resort Samoa

Samoa is an island state in the South Pacific in Polynesia, which occupies the western part of the archipelago of the same name

The humid tropical climate of the islands is very attractive for tourists from all over the world. The average annual temperature is just over 26 degrees, while its fluctuations remain within just two degrees. It is best to visit the island from May to October, when it is dry and comfortable. The swimming season lasts all year round. Samoa is famous for nature, tourists come here for outdoor activities and hiking.

On the picturesque island of Savaii vacationers love to travel by bike, boat and canoe. Beautiful beaches will delight fans of diving and snorkeling, with a special atmosphere for these purposes created in the national marine reserve. For a long time, the Flea Market Market, where you can find products from around the world, and at the cheapest rates, has been considered a landmark of Samoa.

Naturally, it is impossible to miss the National Museum of the country, around which you can see many churches that deserve special attention. The practically untouched island of Savaii is famous for lava caves, a ritual embankment near Cape Mulinoi, a volcanic Alofaaga cavern, the ancient settlement of Fagaloa, and a picturesque little church.

In the western part of the territory of Samoa is the top of the submarine ridge of volcanic origin. Basically the surface of the island has a mountainous terrain. In the central part of the state, an elevation of the locality is observed, and in some places the earth turns into coastal lowlands. The island is rich in fast mountain rivers, whose shores are very rocky and sharp. The length of the coastline of 400 km. Coral reefs frame the island of Samoa from the northeast and east, and Upolu is surrounded on all sides.

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