Sardinia, Italy. Where to go for unforgettable impressions

Every year, travelers from all over the world discover Italy and return to it again. Vacations boost physical and mental health.

For many tourists, Sardinia is a favorite vacation spot: a wonderful climate, clear sea, fresh fruit

Sardinia is located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, west of the peninsula. In size it is the second island of the Mediterranean, its area is about 24 thousand square meters. km The distance to mainland Italy is about 200 km. The closest neighbor of Sardinia is Corsica, which belongs to France and is known as the place of exile of Napoleon Bonaparte. The islands are separated by the Bonifacio Strait, which is only 12 km wide. The circulation of continental African and Central European air masses contributes to the establishment of a subtropical Mediterranean climate in Sardinia.

Cuisine, history, the mentality of people, the rhythm of life - all this is very different from mainland Italy. Why hurry and worry? The sea is right there, it always calms and lightens the mood, great fruits grow on the trees all year round and the bright sun will not let you freeze. Costa Smeralda ('Emerald Coast') is a fashionable and famous resort located in the northeast of the island. Travelers from all over the world are attracted by sandy beaches of amazing purity and level of service, secluded picturesque bays and impressive mountains. The landscapes of the resort are impressive even for experienced tourists. The eastern part of Sardinia is less touched by civilization, so there are ideal conditions for supporters of wild or secluded rest.

Sardinia is not quite Italy, and in many ways not at all Italy. It is not by chance that in the modern administrative hierarchy of the Italian Republic, the island occupies a position of autonomy with a special status, which guarantees a certain independence of the local administration, as well as the protection of cultural peculiarities of the islanders and the local language, because many of the inhabitants of the island speak Sardinian in everyday life. Autonomous Sardinia has its own identity attributes: anthem, flag and emblem, the heraldry of which dates back to the Middle Ages.

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Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is not only the birthplace of many people who are over a hundred years old, it is also a place in which there are not less than long-lived men than women

Travel: the many faces of Sardinia. The Italian island of Sardinia is a distinctive and colorful pearl of the Mediterranean with its unique characteristics. Cagliari, the administrative center of Sardinia and the largest settlement of the island, is an ancient city that attracts tourists with well-preserved architectural landmarks, diverse shopping, authentic cuisine, rich nightlife and the true atmosphere of southern Italy.

The city offers a large selection of accommodations, which allows you to find the best option for both budget travelers and discerning travelers. Despite the size and size of the population, there is no crowded feeling. Best walking holidays in Europe. Stop and see how beautiful life is. Gourmets can enjoy authentic Sardinian cuisine in numerous restaurants offering national dishes and pleasing with pleasant interiors.

The beautiful sandy beaches of the small village of Costa Paradiso gave him the right to claim the title of 'paradise' of Sardinia. According to tourists, pure white sand, clear water and a long coastline, smoothly turning into rocks made of pink granite fascinate with their beauty. The absence of significant architectural monuments is compensated by an abundance of natural: impressive grottoes and caves, monumental mountain ranges with subtropical fauna rich in the underwater world.

Located on the west coast of Sardinia, the province of Sassari is figuratively called the Coral Riviera. Here are located colorful resorts, each of which deserves at least one day of visit. Amazing natural landscapes, many monuments of ancient civilizations, the medieval architecture of cities, modern sea and thermal resorts annually attract millions of tourists to Sardinia.

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