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Wildlife is also an opportunity to see and feel yourself beyond social and gender roles. This is real freedom. Worlds of Russian village women.

Choosing a travel route in Siberia, tourists find themselves face to face with a huge list of interesting and memorable places in which it is extremely difficult to prioritize

Despite the well-established view of the harsh Siberian climate, one should not be afraid to go beyond the Urals even in winter. Siberia is a huge historical and geographical region in the north-eastern part of Eurasia. Its total area is about 13 million square kilometers. It is obvious that in such a large area a considerable number of various attractions are concentrated.

Mountains and forests do not ask how much you weigh, do not estimate the size of your breasts or hips. Siberia is rich not only in minerals, but also in numerous places of interest. Among them are unique natural objects, geological monuments, reserves, museums and architectural structures. That is why a trip to Siberia can be an unforgettable and very exciting adventure.

This region is rich and so far largely untapped by man. Three centuries ago, the Russian scientist - enlightener Mikhail Lomonosov predicted that "Siberia will increase Russia's power." There are great reserves of gas and oil, gold and diamonds, forests, furs, beasts, fish, purest fresh water, the world's largest power stations have been built on mighty rivers.

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Siberia Adventure
In general, everything in Siberia is huge: the Ob, Irtysh, Yenisei, Angara, Lena rivers, the mountains - Altai and Sayan, the lakes - Baikal and Teletskoye. The pearl of Eastern Siberia is Lake Baikal. This is the deepest and possibly the oldest lake in the world, it is about 25 million years old. Traveling around Siberia, any person will find a lot of interesting things for himself. Buddhist temples are adjacent to Orthodox monasteries, art galleries - with local history museums.

Siberia is a huge geographic region that stretches from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific coast

Today, at least 36 million people live within the borders of Siberia. The ethnic composition of the population of this region is extremely variegated. Representatives of dozens of original and colorful peoples live here. They are Yakuts, Buryats, Nenets, Chukchi, Evenks, Tuvans, Khakas and others. In Siberia, the usual division of professions into male and female often becomes conditional due to the severity of the Far North.

9431 kilometers - this is the total length of the old land route, one of the longest roads in the world. The so-called Siberian highway passes through almost the entire territory of Russia, connecting Moscow with Beijing. Along the great road, new settlements arose that were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, trade, and carting. In the North, many women are fishing, hunting, riding all-terrain vehicles, skiing in winter, coping with extreme weather conditions. The village of Oymyakon in the Ulus of Yakutia of the same name has the status of the coldest settlement on Earth. In the winter months, the air temperature here drops to -40-50 degrees Celsius.

Siberia is an image rather than a geographical concept. Everything that extends beyond the Urals to the east, many of the northern part of the Asian continent, especially foreigners, consider Siberia. For those who have never been there, all this huge space - cities, taiga, seas, rivers, lakes and swamps merge into stereotypes - snow, frost, vast distances, wildness.

And in fact, Siberia is diverse and many-sided. To divide it into regions can be very conditional. Western and Eastern Siberia, Altai, Tuva and Khakassia, Savans and Transbaikalia, Yakutia. It is also conditional that the Far North can be attributed to Siberia: it is 7 thousand kilometers from west to east, 3.5 thousand kilometers from north to south, 10 thousand square kilometers, almost 20 Frances in terms of area - that is Siberia!

The Yenisei is the largest river in Siberia and the most affluent in Russia. 22 thousand crayons and large ducts feed the Yenisei. Few people know that in its upstream in the mountains of the Sayan Range the river has two independent channels - the Great and the Small Yenisei. Their common path, 4,000 km long, begins at the geographical center of Asia, then the Yenisei crosses the Krasnoyarsk Territory and flows into the Arctic Ocean. In some places, the width of the Yenisei reaches 3 km, and on the rapids it spreads to 15 km. Almost all this way can be done on the boat, appreciate the beauty and power of the Yenisei, see the amazing shores of the "brother of the ocean" where the tundra replaces taiga, visit Yenisei cities, cross the Arctic Circle in the Igarka region. Yenisei is not only a beautiful river, but also a powerful source of electricity.

Traveling to Siberia is a cherished and frightening dream for many foreigners who still sincerely believe in legends about bears walking around the city and playing balalaikas. But seriously, this region is rich in attractions - both natural, and architectural, and historical. Points of attraction. Choosing a travel route in Siberia, tourists find themselves face to face with a huge list of interesting and memorable places in which it is extremely difficult to prioritize.

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