Japan travel. Adult and juvenile Japanese macaque lounging at hot spring. Japan tours

Trip to the snow monkeys. Jigokudani near Nagano.

Japan is known all over the world for wild monkeys that bathe in hot springs. Isn't that nice?

In the cold season, the whole families of these animals descend from the mountains to warm themselves in warm water and relax. This was not only a feature of the land of the rising sun, but also an attractive tourist attraction. Tourists can visit this wonderful place and make friends with charming animals.

Visit the city of Yamanouchi, where the wonderful Snow Monkey Park is located. Here you can take pictures of monkeys and watch their contented attractive faces. They don't mind close-ups and they are always ready to pose for a family portrait. But be careful. Some hot spring lovers may be too curious and interested in your things. The valley through which you go to the monkeys is really very beautiful both in winter and in summer.

The snow monkey park itself is just a hot spring in which monkeys sit. You can not feed them, you can not touch, you can take pictures. This entertainment is usually enough for tourists for about half an hour. But the road to the park and especially the valley in front of it is very beautiful. This area is replete with other thermal springs, where you can have a great time of rest (with and without monkeys).

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Japan travel. Adult and juvenile Japanese macaque lounging at hot spring. Japan tours.
In any case, you will not be able to get to the monkeys only by public transport, because the bus (from Nagano and from Yudanaki) only goes to Kanbayashi Onsen Guchi station. From the bus stop to the park itself, tourists need to walk about forty minutes through the forest along the mountainside. That is, first along the usual road to the cafe and gift shop, and then along the path (normally equipped).

The snow monkeys from Jigokudani Park next to Nagano (not to be confused with a similar valley in Hokkaido) is one of the business cards of Japan

Wild monkeys live in Japan on almost every mountain. They (like the Japanese deer and the Japanese bears) are an important part of the local wildlife. In the Japanese outback, you can see them from the train window or bus window. At the same time, unlike the Indian monkeys, they do not bother tourists and do not steal everything from them (although you should still be careful, they are wild animals, you don't need to wave the food and iPhones in front of them, they can pick them up).

In Jigokudani, the monkeys are interesting in that their entire social life revolves around a large stone creek with a hot spring. And they don't scare people, but don't cling to them, but pretend that people don't exist (but they eat the food that the park attendants bring them). There are a lot of monkeys in Jigokudani, about a hundred heads, so there is no chance for tourists to come and see no one.

Why do foreigners love Japan so much? Many foreigners see in Japan the image of a wonderful country of culture and technology; a place where any madness in the framework of the norm, and in everyday life you can embody any of their fantasies. But for the Japanese, Japan is just a place of birth. Everything and everyone around is routine and routine, and it is often very difficult for them to understand where in the rest of the world such excitement is around "Japanese culture".

Japanese is considered the most difficult language in the world. Not only because of the inverted grammar, but also for double reading of hieroglyphs. This language can not be learned in two or three years, like any European, you need at least five years for more or less tolerable knowledge. Even despite your excellent knowledge of the language, culture and everything else about Japan, the locals will always treat you like the white crow. In Japan, 98% of purebred Japanese, who believe in their particular origin and believe that a foreigner is not able to understand their way of life.

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