Sri Lanka tours. Mirisavatiya Dagoba (stupa) in Anuradhapura. Sri Lanka tourism

Anuradhapura is the first capital of the Sinhalese state

Anuradhapura is an ancient city on the island of Ceylon, which was the first capital of Sri Lanka

The Sinhalese built the city of Anuradhapura in the V century BC. Compared with the south of the country, in the center and in the north of Sri Lanka, the main cultural attractions - the so-called "Golden Triangle" - have been preserved. Anuradhapura is part of it. Here are the famous stupas or dagobas that have spread as an architectural norm throughout Southeast Asia, and the tallest brick building in the world.

Anuradhapura was founded in the V century BC by the Indian prince Anuradha. Located within the boundaries of the modern city of the same name in Sri Lanka. Its name literally translates as "city of Anuradha". The city is also called the most important of the ancient cities, as it was the center for a long period of time - it held the status of the Sinhalese kings and the South Indian emperors of the Chola dynasty for almost a thousand years. There were strong trade relations with China. And he was an important center of Buddhism, not only for its neighbors, but also the glory of its power even reached the Mediterranean. Ambassadors from Anuradhapura met with Emperor Claudius in Rome.

It is here, in the eponymous modern city of Anuradhapura, which arose only at the beginning of the 20th century, come tourists who want to learn about the long past of Sri Lanka and visit the UNESCO heritage site. Sightseeing in Anuradhapura is most convenient to begin with a visit to the sacred bodhi tree and the ruins next to it, and then go to the monastery of Isurumuniya, located in the south. After that, starting from the dagoba of Mirisawetiya and the dagoba of Ruwanwelisaya, move northwards to the Moonstone. And you can finish the inspection at the highest Dagoba - Jetavanaramaya. It' recommended visiting stupas and other Buddhist shrines, going around them in a clockwise direction. Thus, a common ritual is performed and the pilgrim receives a blessing.

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Sri Lanka tours. Mirisavatiya Dagoba (stupa) in Anuradhapura. Sri Lanka tourism.

Mirisavatiya dagoba is located near the lake

In ancient times, its height reached 61 meters, but in the 10th century it was rebuilt. Mirisavatiya was built the very first in Anuradhapura, immediately after the founding of the city. It is oriented to the cardinal points with four gates. According to legend, this Dagoba King Dutthagammani ordered to build on the place where he put his royal regalia, which kept the relics of the Buddha.

The king went to swim, but on his return he could not take his things back. So he realized that it was at this place that you needed to put dagobu. A stupa (or chedi) is a funerary hill, according to the Buddhist idea, and the holy relics of the Buddha must be kept inside. To visit the city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka and see its sights, tourists need to buy a ticket and fly by plane to Bandaranaike International Airport, located in the capital of Colombo.

The weather in Ceylon is determined by monsoons. It is they who are responsible for the seasons in Sri Lanka, as well as on the nearby Maldives. Unlike Thailand and Cambodia, where three seasons are pronounced, there are only two seasons in Sri Lanka (wet and dry). The first is determined by the southwestern monsoon, when rains on parts of the island rage from May to October, and then the northeast monsoon (from October to April) brings heat. July is ideal for exploring the Cultural Triangle (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya).

Sri Lanka hotels are the best places for tourists where you can have a good rest and spend time on a beautiful beach, as well as stop while traveling in this country on your own. And although the majority of tourists choose resort hotels on the western and southern coast of Ceylon for a holiday, there are still many good Sri Lanka hotels located in all tourist places, including the mountainous part in the middle of the island.

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