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What do you know about Sri Lanka? What to see in Sri Lanka?

Stop on a beach holiday is better in one of two places

This is Arugambay, which is considered the most expensive and beautiful place in terms of nature. Here and the beach is serene and the sand is clean and pleasant. Or in Hikkaduwa, in the most developed resort of the island in terms of restaurants, beach parties and other services. Some tourists say that there is a problem with the waves in Hikkaduwa, but there is a separate beach for a relaxed swim, and the waves are only a plus for those who want to try surfing.

In any case, wherever you come, you need a guide who will immerse you in local life. Do not hope that you yourself will figure everything out - this takes a lot of time. Sri Lanka is one of the most ancient countries in the world. Somewhere in these parts, according to legends, Adam and Eve descended to Earth, many ancient authors even attributed the location of the Garden of Eden to Taproban or Ceylon (this was called Sri Lanka until 1972). On this amazing island is located a lot of historical values protected by UNESCO, as well as a large number of places associated with the name of the Buddha. There are a huge number of Buddha statues all over the island and almost every village and every city block has its own, if not big, statue of Buddha.

Sri Lanka is good not only for a beach holiday, this island is fabulously beautiful. There are unusual cities, amazing mountains, huge waterfalls, incredibly beautiful tea plantations, interesting temples, theaters, mysterious reserves, and all this is in the depths of the island, far enough from the coastline. Most of the attractions of the island of Sri Lanka can be viewed as part of the tour, and independently. If you have time, it is more convenient to rent a car and travel around all the interesting places of Sri Lanka on your own. If you come to rest on the tour for 5-14 days, you will have to choose only a few of their available places, since it is impossible to visit them all in a short time.

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Sri Lanka travel. Tropical paradise idyllic beach. Sri Lanka tours.
One of the most famous sights of Sri Lanka is Sigiriya (Lion Mountain). It is a 370 m high rock with a complex of cultural monuments inside and on top. It is the object of many tourist routes and is protected by UNESCO. Sri Lanka or, in other words, Ceylon - is the greenery of tea plantations, the sound of the Indian Ocean, the wisdom of Ayurveda and the silence of ancient Buddhist monasteries. Nobody is in a hurry here, except the surfers are chasing the waves, and the divers are following the next portion of the underwater extreme.

In Sri Lanka, be sure to travel around the island for several days

Staying in the hotel you do not distinguish this country from any other tourist state of Equatorial Asia. Sri Lanka is a small but proud, independent state with many thousands of history, a unique culture (the center of the traditional school of Buddhism "Therovada") and of course nature with its endemics, giant whales, turtles and the largest elephant population in Asia.

Sri Lanka amazes tourists with some interesting things: Marco Polo called this island one of the best in the world, and great science fiction author Arthur Clark lived here for 53 years, writing his best works. In the coastal waters of Sri Lanka, there is a huge whale migration and the government plans to open a tourist center on the coast near Trincomalee to monitor whale migration along the coastline.

In Sri Lanka, sapphires of different colors are mined - from blue to completely transparent. Local rubies are not garnet, but pink (they are also called pink sapphires). Garnets ("rubies for the poor") can be both red and brown. But there are no emeralds and diamonds on the island, but in the bowels of the island there is a real treasure - the moonstone. Even in the 6th century BC, King Solomon sent ships to this distant island for precious stones for the Queen of Sheba. And today, the famous sapphire from Sri Lanka, "Blue Beauty" (400 carats) adorns the crown of the Queen of England. The sapphires that glorified Sri Lanka are the national symbols of the country - this gem can be seen on a postage stamp issued by the postal list of the island.

Sri Lanka is a small country, which is deservedly considered the most beautiful country in the South Asian region. Since ancient times, deposits of precious stones and an abundance of spices growing on the island have attracted merchants and navigators. Nowadays, tourists come here for the picturesque mountain landscapes and excellent beaches. Over its more than two thousand years of history, Sri Lanka has become a real cultural treasure of human civilization.

The cuisine of Sri Lanka is similar to the Indian, which is not surprising, because the countries are separated from each other by the narrow Polk Strait. Sri Lankans, like Indians, eat a lot of rice, fish, herbs, spices. Coconut chips, coconut juice and oil, as well as palm nectar (treacle) are put in a variety of dishes. Umbalacada (umbalakada) is a very popular powder made from dry fish, which is added to the curry flavor. All dishes are usually very sharp, so when ordering it is better to ask for a more European, not so sharp version.

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