Stromboli island, Italy tours. Stromboli volcano view. Active crater Stromboli. South Italy travel

A visit to the island of Stromboli is an amazing adventure in the life of any tourist

Stromboli is a very small Italian volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of Sicily

It belongs to the Aeolian Islands. Stromboli Island is a volcano with a height of just over 900 m. Stromboli erupts almost continuously over several thousand years. Locals are not afraid to build houses near the crater. There are not so many places on Earth where you can look into the nether regions, climbing to the top of an active volcano, while being practically safe. The combination of fire and sea, black sand and blue water - is this not a picture worth seeing firsthand? Stromboli is a poetic volcano, both gentle and explosive, similar to Sicily itself and its inhabitants. Perhaps it is for this that Italians love him so much.

Many places in Italy will leave an indelible impression on everyone who visited them. Geologists studying Stromboli, came to the conclusion that at first there was a powerful underwater volcano in this place, which arose in an unstable seismic zone in which the African continent collides with the Eurasian platform. The volcano built up a dome for itself, and appeared on the surface about two hundred thousand years ago.

A separate landmark of Italy is its coast. The most famous summer resort is Rimini, which is not surprising: well-groomed sandy beaches stretch for 15 km. Everywhere you can find amenities such as umbrellas, sun beds, toilets and changing rooms, even if you are not relaxing in the hotel. Near the beaches there are bars and restaurants where you can have lunch and rest.

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Stromboli island, Italy tours. Stromboli volcano view. Active crater Stromboli. South Italy travel.
Beach tours to Italy are suitable for families with young children, because the sea in Rimini is calm, the entrance to the water is shallow and sandy, many beaches have playgrounds, and there are lifeguards on the towers, so there is no need to worry about safety. Naturally, Rimini is not the only resort where you can swim. There is also the Venetian Riviera, where the Italians themselves come to rest with their families; Sardinia with its endless beaches and pine forests; Sicily, where you can relax on the volcanic sand; Tuscan Riviera, famous for its vibrant nightlife, and other regions.

Local authorities prohibit independent climbing of the Stromboli mountain, unless it is a question of walking up to a height of 400 meters: be sure to take either an individual guide, or move in an organized group, again, with a guide

Most travelers come to the island to climb (or at least walk) to Stromboli volcano. However, there are other recreational opportunities. In Stromboli there is a beautiful beach with black lava sand where you can relax and swim in the sea. Vacationers claim that the combination of the sea and the black beach creates a tan on the human body, which has a special, unusual shade.

Italy is a country in love at first sight. Here you want to forget about all the problems and enjoy the fullness of life. The Apenninsky Peninsula greets tourists with a bright sun, expressive southern dialect and striking beauty of the cities. Every corner attracts with special, unique charm. The most beautiful cities of Italy seem to compete with each other for palm and the attention of travelers.

Emotional, temperamental Italy enjoys unabating popularity among tourists. Here you will find the world's favorite dishes of Italian cuisine, beautiful beaches and countless sights and attractions. Italy occupies the territory of the famous "boot" - the Apennine Peninsula. It consists of the large islands of Sicily and Sardinia, as well as several small islands. The Ligurian coast is rocky, so there are few tourists. But the water is much cleaner.

The Adriatic Sea is the most popular among beachers, with resorts located in Rimini, Lido di Jesolo and Richchin. The beaches are sandy, the entrance to the water is very smooth, so the coast is very popular with families who come on holiday with children. The coast of the Ionian Sea is famous for the cleanest beaches - they are almost all awarded the Blue Flag. Holidays here are surprisingly inexpensive, there are few people on the beaches, and you can swim from May until almost November.

The ancient Greeks admired the natural phenomenon of Stromboli. And they used fire torches of constant eruptions as a kind of lighthouse for navigation at sea. Nowadays, the island of Stromboli is a favorite vacation spot for tourists, where traditional beach vacations can be combined with fascinating trips to the top of an active volcano. Hundreds of tourists flock there every day, and the volcano is guaranteed to arrange for them unforgettable shows from lava fountains escaping from several vents in the crater.

Stromboli is one of the few volcanoes on Earth that erupts almost continuously. Most of the time, from several craters near the summit, with a frequency of 5 to 15 times per hour, lava fountains erupt, the height of which can reach up to 300 m.These eruptions pose almost no danger to the island's population, but serve as a great attraction for many tourists. At the same time, from time to time, with a frequency of several years, large eruptions occur on Stromboli, accompanied by outpourings of lava and landslides, and much less often - powerful explosions, as happened during the last eruption. And such eruptions can pose a serious danger to both the population of the island and the coastal areas of continental Italy and Sicily.

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