Sweden tours. Scenic summer aerial panorama of Stockholm. Sweden tourism

Travel to fabulous Stockholm

The kingdom of fjords, the birthplace of the Vikings and funny Karlsson-on-the-Roof, the capital on 14 islands is all Sweden

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm is located on the east coast of Lake Malaren. This is an amazingly picturesque city with a unique "northern beauty" and many attractions. Monuments are everywhere: big, small, all sorts. There are several bridges in the city, where sea salt water will surround you on one side and fresh water from the lake on the other.

Stockholm is located on fourteen small islands and the mainland, on hills, plains, swamps and granite rocks, and all these land areas are very carefully connected. The tourist season in general in Sweden lasts all year round, in other words, all 12 months there is something to see. The best time to visit this northern country is determined by the preferences of the tourist.

14 islands connected by 57 bridges - well, of course, in Stockholm you need to take a ride on a boat. Classic canal tours can be bought right on the waterfront. To avoid the charms of organized tourism, the Hop-On Hop-Off bus system will in some way allow it - in Stockholm it also operates on water transport. It is interesting to visit the islands of Fjaderholmarna, where they make Swedish to the last drop of Mackmyra whiskey or on the largest island of the archipelago of Vermiedo, where among the picturesque skerries and pines is located the center of modern art Artipelag. If you get a taste, go on a trip around the Stockholm archipelago on a frisky motorboat.

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Sweden tours. Scenic summer aerial panorama of Stockholm. Sweden tourism.
The name Skansen has become a household name for open-air ethnographic museums around the world. But the original is a Stockholm city in a city with estates of the 18th-20th centuries, a forge, a glass-blowing workshop, a pharmacy, a bakery, and a menagerie. The rangers are dressed in outfits of the respective epochs and with such knowledge of the matter they tell about each little thing that they involuntarily doubt whether they have fallen into the past.

Undoubtedly, going to Sweden in Stockholm, any tourist will be satisfied and get a lot of impressions from his trip

The center of modern photography Fotografiska, located in the old customs building, will be interesting even to those who do not distinguish between exposure and aperture. There are exhibitions of both the classics of photography, for example, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Anna Leibovitz, as well as contemporary authors. Getting into a master class and pumping out instagram skills is not a problem. And when you are full of art, catch the photographer's "golden hour" in a lounge cafe with panoramic windows over the bay.

Stockholm Metro is a real art gallery, where more than a hundred artists realized their wildest fantasies. The city stands on a rocky base, so the tunnels are literally cut in stone. The walls and ceilings of the stations were not lined here, but they came up with a unique design for each of them. And at the stations, various exhibitions are constantly held, for example, children's drawings. Tourists often visit the local subway as a tourist attraction. At the psychedelic station Kungstradgarden (the blue branch gets the most enthusiastic exclamations) you can find ancient statues and a fountain, children's drawings adorn the Hallonbergen platform, and the elk, the main symbol of the country, awaits you at the Solna Centrum Cave Station.

Swedish cuisine is distinguished by the use of simple products and unusual combinations for residents of many other countries. It generously uses the gifts of nature - seafood and fish, game, mushrooms and berries. The Swedish coffee break has its name - fika: a light snack with coffee and a sandwich or dessert pastry at any time of the day and in any company. Among the popular places for this Stockholm ritual are Drop Coffee with attentive bearded barista, a small cafe Vete-Katten with an exorbitant selection of cakes and Chokladkoppen, where you should definitely try canelbulla - cinnamon buns, which Karlsson-on-the-Roof adored.

Much of Sweden is covered by lakes. Most of them were created by the movement of the glacier: it created depressions in the landscape, which were then filled with pure water. This is the reason for the unusual shape of water bodies - rounded and elongated. The Swedes were able to create the infrastructure for the comfort of travelers, without violating the natural beauty.

A true cult of sport reigns in the country. 3 million Swedes officially belong to sports clubs. Winter sports are very popular, but people here play football and basketball, run, swim, walk and, of course, ride a bicycle. At intersections there are special posts with a footrest for cyclists to relax.

In 2015, they began to chip people in Sweden. The Swedes began experimenting with microchips in 2015, and now several thousand people are already microchipped in the country. The procedure is simple: using a syringe, a sensor is introduced under the skin, similar to a piece of thin wire. It records data from plastic cards, passes, travel documents and other important information. And now all issues can be resolved with one touch.

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