Travel Australia. View of Sydney harbour from Cremorne. Sydney tours

Sydney is a city of inspiration. Journey to the ends of the Earth.

Sydney is a sunny Australian city located at the most beautiful harbor of the world

Sydney is a unique city. Diversify your trip by visiting exciting places, make your trip unforgettable. The sights of Sydney are amazing: Blue mountains with mist soaring over them; monuments of antiquity; numerous museums; aristocratic ancient districts; beautiful gardens; romantic squares; stunning beaches; unique bas-relief reefs; rainforests with primitive nature; red rocks of ayers rock. This is the place where you can relax and have fun.

Australia is a multi-faceted country, permeated by various cultures and traditions. And yet it is only part of the mysterious Oceania. Nearby is no less interesting New Zealand and hundreds of islands that tourists should also explore. A little further from Sydney, on Manly Beach, in mid-February, the World Surfing Championships take place. For beginners, there are schools of this sport where in a week you will be taught how to conquer Sydney waves.

Australia is an amazing state located in the southern hemisphere, occupies a huge territory - a whole continent. The waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean wash Australia, which makes it a great place for a beach holiday. The best time to rest on the Australian coast is winter. At this time on the mainland is dry weather, in the summer, there are tropical storms that can spoil the rest. The ocean is the main stabilizer of life on our planet. It is possible that it is the presence of large water reserves on a particular cosmic body that makes it viable. On Earth, the oceans evenly distributes solar energy, thereby regulating and smoothing the climate on the planet.

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Travel Australia. View of Sydney harbour from Cremorne. Sydney tours.
Bottomless and boundless oceans have always attracted adventurers, turning them into sailors, divers and surfers who can't imagine their life without the sea. At the same time, it is known that due to global warming, the water surface of our planet is gradually heating up, causing it to dry slowly but surely. Scientists believe that without the oceans, our planet runs the risk of becoming a huge, hot desert, where rain will be a rarity. The fact is that the ocean performs several useful functions that harmonize the general climate of the planet: warm ocean currents heated in the equatorial zone warm the northern regions, preventing them from freezing; at the same time, the cold water of the north and south poles returns to the equator, cooling it and stabilizing it.

What to see in Sydney?

Sydney Opera House is the calling card of the continent, one of the most famous and outstanding buildings of world architecture. Vaults in the form of huge sinks form the ceilings of concert halls. Schedule of events can be found on the website of the Opera Theater. Best adventure travel destinations.

Tourists are always interested in the museums of Sydney: the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Powerhouse Museum, the Historical Museum. In the middle of the city is a television tower, similar to an alien plate. Sydney Tower - the tallest building in the city, but, despite the name, it has nothing to do with television. At an altitude of 250 meters there are recreational facilities with restaurants, small shops and viewing platforms.

Every year at the end of May, Sydney becomes a bright spot on the world map - the festival of light, ideas and music "Bright Sydney" (Vivid Sydney) starts. The entire harbor of Darling Harbor is decorated with lights, the houses are flooded with colored rays of light. Opera House every minute is poured with drawings that are not repeated even once. Every visitor can be a part of this world. Some light compositions are configured in such a way that they can be ignited by the actual energy generated. So, it is enough to spin the pedals of the bike for a few minutes to make the object near you brightly glowing.

Sydney Aquarium. Dive deep into the underwater world of Australia. Take a walk under the water, thus recognizing and exploring the underwater world and its luxurious inhabitants. This is a rare and inaccessible sight, which not everyone can enjoy, and if you have the opportunity to see this fascinating place with your own eyes, do not miss this chance. Faced with huge sharks, looking at funny stingrays, playful seals and lots of tropical fish, you can feel like part of their mysterious aquatic world. This beautiful sight will not leave anyone disappointed.

According to recent studies, sea level rise by 2050 will affect more people than previously thought and would jeopardize the destruction of several of the largest coastal cities in the world. The results showed that about 150 million people currently live on land, which by the middle of the century will go under water. Sea level rise is a direct result of climate change. An increase in global temperature led to the melting of Arctic ice, which in turn led to a rise in sea level.

On the other hand, it is the oceans that have a great influence on the formation of clouds and the presence of the water cycle on our planet. Their absence will entail a sharp reduction in rainfall, which will cause the extinction of vegetation and a strong reduction in the biological diversity of the planet. Without oceans, the Earth can simply turn into a planet similar to Venus: the average daytime temperature on the planet would be approximately 70 degrees Celsius, which would make the Earth's surface unsuitable for human habitation. Immediately after the disappearance of vegetation, which would entail a sharp decrease in the amount of oxygen produced in the atmosphere, our planet would gradually turn into less inhabited.

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