Tahiti resorts. Bungalow and palm with steps to amazing blue lagoon at Bora Bora resort, French Polynesia. Tahiti all inclusive vacations

Tahiti is a real paradise for nature lovers, untouched by civilization. Of the 118 islands, only 67 are inhabited.

Tahiti is located in the Pacific Ocean and belongs to French Polynesia, as well as 117 other islands scattered over an area equal to the whole of Europe

The lagoons of French Polynesia are the most beautiful in the world, they are full of marine life. Traveling here with a girlfriend will guarantee her that you will be able to provide her with the very heavenly luxury. There is no better way to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to distract from problems than a trip to Tahiti. During summer holidays, people often go to rest on the sea. Someone just suited to lie on the beach by the sea and sunbathe, but someone will find it boring and monotonous, and they want to experience some new thrills, so that there is something to remember later.

Away from any civilization, in the Pacific, about 120-125 islands of French Polynesia are scattered. The legendary and unforgettable island of Tahiti is part of the Archipelago of De la Societe. According to legend, Tahiti is a huge fish that once turned to stone, but in fact the island originated during a volcanic eruption 3 million years ago. From June to October humpback whales migrate to Tahiti. Sometimes they swim so close that you can watch them directly from the shore.

Diving is a great way to explore the world. It is just another world. In addition to sea creatures that are painted in bright colors, new amazing opportunities open up before you, you see a lot of unfamiliar things that exist at the bottom. Any change, any turn carries a lot of adventures and discoveries. Especially when diving in caves. You will find such places, the existence of which was not suspected.

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Tahiti resorts. Bungalow and palm with steps to amazing blue lagoon at Bora Bora resort, French Polynesia. Tahiti all inclusive vacations
Among the beaches of Tahiti dominated by black volcanic sand. The best is the white sandy beach Plage de Maui in the south of the island. The Punaaui beach, convenient for scuba diving, is located relatively close to Papeete. On the east coast is known the black beach at Cape Venus Pointe Venus, which is included in almost all local excursions thanks to the large lighthouse located here. Fans of fishing will be interested to learn that international competitions in sport fishing on the high seas are held in Tahiti. Local clubs offer tourists fishing from the shore, from a yacht and underwater hunting.

The underwater world of the archipelago is recognized as one of the best places for diving

The traditional Tahitian dances are practiced by the young and old, the apotheosis is the participation in the annual dance festival Heyva. The main city of Tahiti is Papeete. There is also a seaport, which is protected from ocean waves by coral reefs. If you want a romantic holiday - a trip to Tahiti is created just for you. It won't be cheap, but believe it is worth it.

Sport fishing in the open sea (for this sport international competitions are held here), diving and surfing. Traveling to Tahiti will give you the opportunity to visit the famous Black Pearl Museum and swim along the azure shores in boats. In the museum of Tahiti you will be told the fascinating history of this island, and in addition to this you can learn about famous sailors who once visited the island's lands.

Tahiti Island in the Pacific Ocean attracts lovers of serene relaxation and exotics. Picturesque nature, black pearls and the cycle of Gauguin's paintings brought him wide fame. Traveling around the island, you can contemplate the incredibly beautiful waterfalls, rivers, canyons, bays, cliffs, in the faults of which the ocean rages, many exotic birds and plants, as well as bright and colorful flying fish.

The volcanic origin of the island determines its characteristic mountain landscape. The highest mountain - Orohena, reaches a mark of 2241 m. In addition to the mountains, tropical landscapes and many rivers dominate the local landscapes. The climate of the island is divided into two seasons. In May - October, dry and cool weather prevails, and in November - April - warm and relatively rainy. Short rains fall mostly at night and do not interfere with proper rest. And in the afternoon, the fresh Pacific wind significantly softens the heat.

The village of Teahupoo in the south of the island and its bay is known to all surfers. Tall, pipe-like waves make it one of the most attractive surfers on the planet. Every year in August, one of the stages of the world championship is held here. In the village there is a surfing school that trains beginners and provides them with equipment.

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