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Thais chronology begins with the departure of the Buddha to Nirvana

James Bond Island is one of the most popular tourist sites in Thailand, the most famous island of the bay and the Phang Nga National Park

The island of James Bond in Thailand appeared when one of the cliffs in the Andaman Sea, located twenty kilometers northeast of the coast of Phuket, became the scenery for the film "The Man with the Golden Gun". We chose her for this role for many reasons: for its unusual shape, fascinatingly beautiful surroundings, crystal clear waves, kissing gorgeous beaches. Now the island of Ko Tapu, such a name he wore before his miraculous transformation, became one of the tourist attractions.

Ko Tapu and Khao Ping Kan - it would be better to call this landmark in the plural, James Bond Islands near Phuket. The fact is that two rocks hit the frame. On one shot the final scene of the duel. This is Khao Ping Khan Island. The other is so small that it is impossible to land on it. And it has a very unusual shape - it is a "pillar" with a narrowing base. The stay of tourists on the islands of James Bond in Thailand is very short - no more than half an hour, for which you will have time to walk along the beach, buy a pair of meaningless trinkets and take pictures. Change of groups of visitors occurs regularly. Boats are forbidden to approach the very "pillar". Attempts to swim as well are stopped - this is a specially protected natural monument, the pride of the whole country.

The islands of Thailand are magnificent, and many prefer them to the hustle and bustle of Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. But if you want to see as much as possible, you can take a tour from Pattaya or Phuket to the picturesque nearby islands. First of all, you can recommend the islands of Phi Phi, which has become a very popular island of Samui and, of course, the Similan Islands, which are magnificent for their underwater world. And, of course, we must not forget that there are plenty of other sights in Southeast Asia. You will not be bored, but the impressions will last long. And, of course, this is only a small part of the entertainment that hospitable Thais can offer you.

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Thailand tours. James Bond Island. Thailand vacations.

The world famous James Bond Island in Thailand

Khao Ping Khan - these are two pointed, forest-covered rocks, which are three times the height of Ko Tapu. They are connected by a sandy isthmus, completely hidden under water at high tides. About twenty meters from him stands a famous rock-pillar. At the foot of the cliffs there are two sandy beaches. Find signs from the film - a crack in the rock, caves and grottoes - is not difficult, because this island is very small.

Try to combine the excursion here with a visit to the no less interesting islands of the bay. For example, see the temple complex on Pagni, get to the grottoes and caves of the island of Kayak. Ko Tapu is now a forbidden fruit that cannot be touched, which cannot be planted or climbed - it is under the jurisdiction and protection of the National Marine Park Phang Nga.

Thais express their bad attitude towards a person, making fun of him. Do not touch the head of Thais. In the temple, women are forbidden to talk and touch the monks. Do not speak ill of the king of Thailand and do not wrinkle the money with his image. For this you can go to prison. In Thailand, you can taste spicy-sour soup with shrimps on coconut milk, fried chicken with cashew nuts, fried noodles with shrimps.

Excursions in Thailand are fun for everyone. Thailand is one of the most attractive countries for tourists. And it is famous not only for its wonderful sea and beaches, but also for its exotic entertainment and excursions. Literally, at every resort tourists can expect a lot of entertainment, excursions, shows, attractions. The undisputed leader here is Pattaya. For the standard 10 days of vacation, allocating one day to the tour, you definitely can not visit the many excursions offered to you. Moreover, your time is not enough even for the most interesting ones.

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