The Long and Winding Road. Caucasus in the palm of your hand

Meet the wonders of the Caucasus. Travels in the Caucasus.

There is a place in the south of Russia where you can enjoy the warm sun in winter and sunbathe on eternal ice in summer

Here are located the highest mountains of Europe and the most fertile valleys of Russia. This place is called the North Caucasus. The Caucasus Mountains fascinate with their natural beauty and breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain peaks. In the Caucasus, very hospitable people, a long history, original culture and delicious cuisine, which has its own peculiarities in each individual republic of the North Caucasus.

Kaleidoscope of adventure. Your day is similar to another, everyday routine and life. You walk in a circle, drowning in monotony. But your friends do not allow to wallow in the gray everyday life. They tell how much is around all that is interesting and beautiful, unseen and surprising. It is so inspiring. It just can not but inspire. And you go on a trip. Mountains and rivers, waterfalls and caves, a visit to peaceful hollows and holy places, horseback riding - all this awaits tourists on a guided tour of the Caucasus.

Embark on a journey through the Caucasus. You will get acquainted with the mountain beauties of the south of Russia: picturesque mountains and plateaus, rich caves and waterfalls, magnificent canyon and alpine meadows - all in one week. The route passes through the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve and the territory, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Long and Winding Road
The Caucasus, one of the most interesting and beautiful regions of Russia, has long attracted the attention of travelers and scholars. The first references to the ancestors of the peoples of the Caucasus are found among Greek and Roman authors of the 6th century BC - I century AD, who described the social life and economic activities of the Adyg peoples. The Middle Ages are reflected in the testimonies of the Byzantine and Arab authors of the 5th-10th centuries and the Russian annals of this period. Materials about the life of the peoples of the Caucasus in the period of the struggle against the Mongol-Tatars are found in Persian, Arab, Mongolian and Western authors.

Vacations and adventures in the Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus fascinates tourists with its beauty, envelops with smells of flowering meadows, opens amazing panoramas and surprises with a variety of cultures, ancient customs and traditions. Embark on a journey through the most beautiful places of the Caucasus Mountains. Tourists can travel from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea through the most beautiful part of the Caucasus Mountains.

See snow-capped mountain peaks and deep canyons, alpine meadows and valleys of narzans, the highest waterfalls and endless maritime expanses, and go back to the depths of centuries. Resting in the mountains, you will see sun-filled and dazzlingly beautiful peaks, waterfalls of deep gorges, slowly walking along the plateau. Tourists waiting for the comfort of a forest house, lively fire and serenity of quiet evenings.

The journey will be even more heartier thanks to the natural national cuisine and the relaxing effect of the thermal springs. The discovery for many tourists is the unique nature of the North Caucasus. It is characterized by an abundance of vegetation, coniferous forests, waterfalls, as well as a variety of wildlife. Beautiful nature, especially in summer, gives romance and comfort to couples. Historical monuments, buildings and churches erected over a thousand years ago have been preserved in various places.

Places associated with old stories and legends attract travelers. The North Caucasus is a unique region of Russia, where representatives of various nations and nationalities, adherents of a wide variety of religious denominations live. Travelers are amazed by the magnificent paintings opening from the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. Here you can see the majestic beauty of mountain ranges and valleys, clean caves with healing properties, wild nature. Everyone can enjoy spending time in the North Caucasus, and those who wish to recuperate, improve their health, and those who are looking for thrills. All over the world are famous ski resorts in the region. For guests there are provided all the conditions, good service, mountain tracks are equipped with a variety of levels of sports training of tourists.

Memories are the most precious thing that remains with us after the trip. We remember the mountains where we climbed, the people we met, the emotions that we received - and all this causes new emotions, new feelings. Memoirs they warm the soul and cause a desire to experience all this again and again. And most importantly, they will not go anywhere, they will stay with you forever, you can remember all this again when you feel sad, or having a cup of tea telling your adventures to friends, or maybe after years you tell your grandchildren about this) But you will definitely remember this!

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