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Japan is a completely different world, another universe, the last empire on the planet

Why do we admire Japan? The main tourist seasons are the time of cherry blossoms (usually in early April), and the time of red maples (at the end of November). These are approximate numbers for Tokyo and Kyoto. In these two periods in Japan is incredibly beautiful, but because of this there will be many tourists everywhere, and many hotels will be booked in advance. In Japan, there is a very rich culinary tradition, and once you get here, you just wonder the diversity of all kinds of food.

Tours to Japan are a source of inspiration for travelers from all over the world, the country only becomes more popular every year. It is wrong to think that tourism in Japan is limited to visiting the cherry blossoms during the season with hanami, wisteria or Japanese maple during the momiji season. Japanese gardens and parks are also good in winter when the snow-covered paths are especially magical and mystically beautiful, or in summer when roses, azaleas and hydrangeas bloom magnificently, and lavender fields cover the northern island of Japan - Hokkaido. Or even in early spring, when the Japanese plum or Japanese apricot are the first to mark the onset of heat.

Ordinary western-style hotels in Japanese cities are quite expensive. In Japan, there are a lot of rules, but the most important of them is not to cause inconvenience to others. In Japan, it is not customary to speak loudly on the phone in public transport and any other places where it can irritate others. In Japan, instructions and signs hang everywhere, which even foreigners can understand, since the text is often duplicated in English and accompanied by pictures.

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Japan travel. Night view. Tokyo tours.
Knowingly, high-speed Shinkansen trains are called bullets. They can reach speeds of up to 300 km / h and allow residents of remote cities to get to work or study in time. As is known, late arrivals in Japan are not welcome, even if they happen through no fault of the late. In Japan, the art of mukimono is highly valued, that is, artistic carving of vegetables and fruits, or carving. Each region of the country has its own mukimono plots, and to create it, use the knife "Hoho" (it was originally used for cutting seafood) and special stencils.

Any season is a good time to visit Japan

Best travel destinations for singles. Japan's customs and traditions are unlike any other in the world. Perhaps this is what attracts a huge number of tourists to this amazing Asian country. The beauty and uniqueness of Japan is reflected in the people, cities and numerous attractions of this country. Modern cities here are side by side with Buddhist and Shinto monasteries, temples and sanctuaries, where you can live the life of a real monk - meditate, make pilgrimages to shrines and try vegetarian hermits. Or maybe it is worth going to a master class in creating ikebana, making a real samurai sword katana or immersing yourself in landscape-park art under the strict guidance of a master?

Most adventurous places in the world. Combini is a small convenience store within walking distance, which offers a wide range of products, including ready-made food and other goods and services. Japan's gardens and parks are a special theme for inspiration. Whether it is a rock garden with its special concept of the universe - where the stones symbolize land, and sand - water, or the traditional Japanese garden - this universe in miniature, where plants, stones and water are in harmony and balance among themselves. Genuine masterpieces of park art are scattered throughout Japan,.

Japan is one of the most unusual places on Earth, where centuries-old traditions harmoniously coexist with all sorts of innovations. The inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun skillfully use all the benefits of civilization, while not violating the established rules. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. As a rule, the Japanese live in small apartments, but in all the new houses on the balconies there are sinks with supplied water. This is done to make it easier to care for flowers.

Schoolchildren and employees of most companies begin their work day with charging or yoga. This tradition has existed since 1928 and is strongly supported, since joint physical training not only improves the well-being of workers, but also contributes to their rapprochement. In a collective country like Japan, this is of utmost importance. On November 15, for all children who turned 3, 5 or 7 years old this year, there is a big celebration of City-go-san, which means "seven-five-three" The odd numbers are considered magical in Japan, and the corresponding age symbolizes the important, crucial stages of maturation.

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