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If you want to look at Shanghai from the greatest height, but do not board a plane or a helicopter, then you will be taken to the Shanghai World Financial Center

This is the most popular place for business lunches and dinners in Shanghai. The smell of Chinese air is the smell of food and spices. The new Pudong district, which grew up on the site of rice fields quite recently - at the end of the last century, shines with the wealth of cosmic skyscrapers, signs of banks and business centers, here you can clearly feel the dynamic and business atmosphere. Opportunity to see the city from a height offer several skyscrapers.

It is most comfortable to travel around the country by plane. The central provincial cities are connected by more than 600 routes. However, the flight schedule is quite tight, it is recommended to book tickets in advance, at least five days before the flight. Also, do not forget about the regular buses - this is a convenient form of transport for the movement of tourists in China. Local buses are comfortable and modern, and the roads in China are of very decent quality. You, of course, you heard about the Chinese railway - it is a dense network covering the entire territory of the country. There are a huge number of trains in China, there are ordinary electric trains, high-speed and high-speed trains, the latter move at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

The number of interesting sights in China shakes the imagination of even experienced tourists. Shanghai is the most populated city in the world, located at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Originally it was a small seaside fishing village, now it is a huge city, a major port combining the culture of modern and traditional China. Shanghai is a great place that tourists love very much. There are attractions, business and shopping centers around the People's Square and along the Huantsu River.

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Shanghai tours. China tourism. Travel Shanghai
You can visit Shanghai all year round, but in summer the peak of the tourist season comes. To avoid crowds, come in late spring or early summer, and try not to get into the period of Chinese national holidays. Foreigners visiting Shanghai know that anything is waiting for them here, just not classical China. Indeed, the city is a world of its own, the themes stated here are different than in the rest of the country. Here they look not into the past, but into the future. However, not only is Shanghai's identity a part of China's, but China's identity is also a part of Shanghai. It is impossible not to notice: China is power! In addition, the city with its temples, with Yuyuan Garden and the wonderful museum of Shanghai satisfies the demands of those tourists who are not at all interested in skyscrapers and highways.

If you go to China for a tourist trip, you will understand that the Chinese are very friendly to foreigners

To make the best photos in Shanghai, demonstrating at once all the magnificence of the local skyscrapers, it is better to go to the Bund - the Vaytan Embankment. From there, there is an amazing view of the financial center of Pudong. Perhaps these are the most famous sights that every self-respecting tourist who has come here should see. Evening views are no less beautiful than daytime.

Of course, the embankment is only the beginning of the whole history that Shanghai encompasses. Shanghai parks are beautiful, as are all the parks in China: green, harmonious, full of colors and grace of landscape design, full of tranquility and spiritual warmth. It is no secret that Chinese cuisine is very specific and may not be understandable to the ordinary tourist.

If you like local dishes, feel free to go to any institution of national cuisine. Often there are pictures in the menu - a real find for tourists. If there are no pictures, you will have to make an order at random, or you can try your luck and try to find out from the waiter in English what this or that dish is made of. Also, an online translator in your phone will help you not to stay hungry.

It is very difficult for people in America or Europe to learn Chinese, since it is tonal. A word has a different meaning if it is spoken in different tones. The only ticket to life for the Chinese is education and knowledge of languages. Chinese is part of the Sino-Tibetan language family. In total, it is spoken by over 1 billion people. Chinese is one of the official and working languages of the UN. Chinese from different provinces do not understand each other at all. Their dialects are so different that it is appropriate to speak not about dialects, but about different languages.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, China became the main source of international migration flows. The world diaspora, according to experts, was 26.8-27.5 million people in the early 80s (which was three times more than in 1948) and about 37 million people in the 90s XX century According to the International Organization for Migration, the total number of all overseas Chinese is 34.5 million people - 18.35% of the total global diaspora. However, some Chinese sources operate with significantly larger numbers, up to 57 million people. The last wave of emigration, which continues to this day, gives the face of the world Chinese diaspora new features that correspond to the challenges of the modern era. Emigrants of the new generation have a higher education, they expect to receive intellectual work abroad, they often travel with families, they are sent mainly not to the countries of Southeast Asia, but to the developed part of the world: North America, Australia, and more recently also to Europe.

The original geographic base of emigration has expanded: Fujian and Guangdong have now added Zhejiang and the Northeast provinces. Secondary migration flows have arisen: the movement of ethnic Chinese from Southeast Asia to developing countries. According to Chinese sources, 18 million people work in the PRC in the field of science and technology. Another 600 thousand specialists of Chinese descent, citizens of both China and other countries, work abroad. In the United States alone, there are 450,000 such people. By their research, these specialists cover hardly all branches of modern high technology. Many of them received education abroad, having left there specifically for the purpose of study, some studied in China. The study of Chinese students abroad, their return, the forms of their participation in updating the country - these questions are the main content of the government's work to attract scientific and technical personnel. The number of people going to study is constantly growing.

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