Underwater adventure. The Caribbean is the most popular dive in the world

Transparent waters and easily accessible reefs attract diving fans here. The best places for diving.

The following places are very popular among divers: Cayman islands, Turks and Caicos, Bonaire, Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Cozumel, Mexico

There are plenty of beautiful places for diving around the world, but nevertheless, the palm in terms of the number of the most attractive dive sites unconditionally belongs to the Caribbean. The Caribbean can boast a comfortable natural environment, developed infrastructure, the presence of dive sites for both beginners and experienced divers, great biodiversity and the ability to combine underwater recreation with a ground program.

In the coastal waters of Turks and Caicos lies a large coral reef, where you can find whole flocks of stingrays of various species, a large population of sharks, and from January to April there is a migration of humpback whales. The waters of the Cayman Islands are usually cleaner and more transparent than those of the other islands of the Caribbean region, visibility is gorgeous. Large schools of fish, flocks of turtles, various rays, reef walls, caves and tunnels do not leave guests indifferent. Diving in the Bahamas: an archipelago of 700 islands offers rich scuba diving opportunities. Divers go to the Bahamas for three things: fantastic walls, lush coral reefs and biodiversity. Mysterious blue holes and caves, wrecks, vibrant living reefs and walls await both beginners and experienced divers. In addition, regular shark feeding shows are held in the Bahamas.

One of the groups of current hypotheses considers hot springs at the bottom of the oceans, the water temperature in which can exceed a hundred degrees, to be the cradle of life. Similar sources exist to this day in the region of the oceanic bottom rift zones and are called "black smokers". Water superheated above the boiling point carries minerals dissolved to the ionic form from the bowels, which often settle immediately in the form of ore. At first glance, this environment seems fatal for any life, but already where water is cooled to 120 degrees, bacteria live - the so-called hyperthermophiles.

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Underwater adventure
What inspired life? If you take complex molecules and put it in a vessel, nothing will come of them by itself. This is not a puzzle. Any organism is a dynamic system in a state of constant exchange with the environment. Even if you take a modern living organism and grind it into molecules, then no one can re-assemble a living creature from these molecules. However, modern models of the origin of life mainly focus on the processes of abiogenic synthesis of macromolecules - precursors of bioorganic compounds, without suggesting mechanisms for generating energy that initiated and supported metabolic processes.

The Cayman Islands are famous for their beautiful coral reefs abound in fish, crustaceans, starfish and orange tubular sponges, as well as many wrecks

Among the regions that are popular for diving in Mexico on the Caribbean coast, Cozumel (Cozumel), located 20 km from the coast of the Riviera Maya resort area, is located 60 kilometers south of Cancun. Here is the extensive coral barrier reef with coral tunnels of Punta Sur and Santa Rosa, the Barracuda reef and the vertical walls of Maracaibo Deep. You can see fish of all colors, shapes and sizes, and the list of their varieties will be clearly longer than the alphabet.

The rich and turbulent history of the region adorned the bottom of the sea with numerous remains of ships belonging to different eras and cultures. Each island in itself has a special magnetism. Today, these islands, which are literally immersed in tropical greenery and famous for their wonderful climate and first-class reefs, are recognized as one of the best parts of the world for scuba diving, yachting and surfing.

Diving in Cuba: the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau noticed the diving in the waters of the largest Caribbean island with a long shelf and coral gardens. Cuban underwater fauna with its forms and diversity represents the entire Caribbean region. Holidays in Cuba are not cheap and affordable only to very wealthy people. Moreover, traveling young people are sure that it is enough to save money for the flight, and you can live without money on the very island of freedom.

Pirates and drug lords, tropical forests and dormant volcanoes, comfortable hotels and uninhabited islands - all about the Caribbean. Five dozen islands scattered between North and South Americas are the territory of more than 30 states. In this multinational paradise you need to visit at least once, especially since after the first visit you will not want to rest anywhere else.

Now, many cosmological scientists are inclined to think about the multiplicity of universes. Ideas are being developed that explain the difference in their properties and predict the probability of the appearance of universes similar to ours. The trouble is that these universes are inaccessible to us in principle. At least from the point of view of modern science. Therefore, her apologists, in general, have no answer to the condescending question about testing this idea.

The hypothesis about the origin of life in hot springs is interesting not only for the version of the origin of the cell, its physical isolation, but also for the opportunity to find the energy principle of life, to direct research into the field of processes that are described not so much in the language of chemistry as in terms of physics. Life is energy. Most often, scientists involved in the problems of biogenesis put in first place the origin of "living bricks", "building blocks", that is, those organic substances that make up a living cell.

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