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Modern Venice is only the ghost of a former luxurious life

Venice is a unique city on the water, the most amazing and mysterious in Italy, the birthplace of brilliant painters, architects and sculptors, famous carnivals and festivals

The historic center is located in the southeastern part of the city along the Grand Canal and includes areas (sistieri): Cannaregio, San Polo, Santa Croce, San Marco, Castello, Dorsoduro. In the central part of the city are located the main monuments and sights, which together with the Venice Lagoon in 1987 were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. A trip to Venice at any time of the year will leave unforgettable impressions, but April, May and September are considered the best months to visit. Weather conditions are most comfortable and favor romantic walks around the city and relaxing on the beach.

Venice is beautiful during the day and full of charm at night. Silhouettes of palaces grow right out of the water, and at the main entrances a palisade of poles rises - berths for boats and gondolas. The palaces stretch one by one - four-story, yellowish-brown, greenish-gray, pinkish-fawn. Now there are museums in many palaces, and therefore the Grand Canal is called the art salon of Venice. The past is preserved in stone and in the names of canals, streets and buildings. Two bronze moors ring the bell on the clock tower. From the end of the 15th century, arrows drawn by masters from Parma move, showing the seasons of the year, the phases of the moon, the movement of the sun from the constellation to the constellation, and, of course, time.

It is said that even time is different here - saturated with dampness and salty smell of the sea, the time of ebbs and flows, hiding in a white haze on the horizon where galleries, frigates and merchant ships of the Venetian Republic have gone forever. If this is your first time in Venice, then try not to be afraid of tourists and learn to walk along roads parallel to them. You can make a lot of discoveries and get invaluable impressions. Venice always attracts travelers, but it is especially beautiful in November and December. At this time, come here "initiated into the secret" - those who can not imagine themselves without a city on the water. After all, they are well aware that the number of tourists is becoming much less, and the threat of floods is becoming a deterrent for many travelers.

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Travel to Italy - Venice landscape at dusk. Venice tours. Italy vacations.
In these months, Venice is really beautiful - quiet in the evenings, sunny or foggy in days, brushing away the lines and quietly opening its soul, finally taking off the mask that she was tired of. She will lead you in mysterious ways, give you new places and once again make it clear that you cannot live without this city. Never. You are lost, what you only sincerely rejoice. Thanks to the absence of cars, Venice has long led the idea of pedestrian cities to the highest level. Take a walk around the Piazza San Marco and capture it in the pictures. After that, allow yourself to get lost in the maze of urban "villages in villages." Here, in the narrow streets, freshly washed laundry flutters in the wind, and small cafes open their doors for al fresco dining.

The main blow to the power of Venice was struck by the discovery of America in 1492 and the discovery of a new route to India around the Cape of Good Hope in 1498. The riches of Asia changed their direction and did not flock to the Adriatic

The province consists of 118 low sandy islands of the lagoon, interconnected by a network of numerous canals, and the mainland zone. It is one of the largest tourist and industrial centers in the country. In the 10th century, Venice was a major center, leading intermediary trade and the slave trade, the crossroads of many trade routes. Since 997, when the military squadrons of Venice brought Trieste, Kapodistrias, Ragusa and a number of other cities and lands of Dalmatia under her arm, the Venetians began to call the Adriatic Sea the Gulf of Venice.

In Venice, you must visit the shops with the products of local artisans: antique shops, atelier of historical silks and velvet, art galleries. At every step you can buy the famous Venetian masks for 2-3 euros. In fact, they are made in China and are made of cheap plastic. But real papier-mache masks are sold only in stand-alone stores (as a rule, they are joined by a workshop where you can watch the wizard's work) and cost between 40-50 euros.

The island of Mirano is well known to all tourists, because it is here that there are workshops where the legendary Murano glass is produced, which is considered an elite product all over the world. Of course, in most workshops the whole process is adapted for tourists. However, if you go further inland, you will find small author workshops. There, the process of making glass is less dramatized, but because of this it is more authentic and, as a result, interesting. By the way, there is even a centennial Museum of Glass, where you can not only see the exposition, but watch the masters create incredible things and dishes for half an hour. In addition, the island is located Lagar Venice Hotel MGallery by Sofitel - one of the first hotels opened in Murano.

23 million people come to Venice annually, but only a quarter of them stay in the city for at least one night and spend time trying to get to know it. Venice does not like one-day tourists, but for those who are ready for a long-term relationship with it, it is ready to open up. Venice is first of all people. There are few Venetians, their circle is rather closed, they do not immediately accept strangers; they feel themselves descendants of great travelers, scientists, artists and writers; they are a little islanders. And some of them love to read the Saturday newspaper not for morning coffee, but for a morning glass of wine. The clock is exactly ten in the morning.

Carefully study the information from the official sites: some museums and exhibition galleries practice free days (or free hours), and you can visit them without spending a dime. No smoking is allowed in public places in Italy, including streets, bus stops and summer cafes. The exception is rare institutions that provide special smoking rooms. Visit non-tourist locations. Tourists are shown only certain places, and in order to find out interesting details about the country, you need to get acquainted with the daily life of the local population. So you get a lot more pleasure from travel.

It makes no sense to put a visit to 5-10 cities in a 5-day trip, you'll get tired of such a vacation and don't really see anything, it's better to relish your stay in each city. Have only 5 days to rest? Then it is better to visit 1, maximum 2 cities. Get to know the new city carefully. No need to visit 10 cities in 2 weeks, such a rush is very tiresome. It is better to be in a new city for at least 3 days, then you will learn a lot about this place, and you will enjoy the rest, and will not compete with time.

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