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Where to go for unforgettable impressions? Palace of Versailles competes in popularity with the Eiffel Tower.

The construction of Versailles required the hard work of a huge number of craftsmen, artists of various specialties

Walk on the Versailles palace and a garden. Versailles with its famous palace, a regular park and carefully calibrated urban planning served as a role model not only for the monarchies of Europe, but also for the young American republic. Versailles is one of the main places of pilgrimage for tourists coming to France. This royal town is located 20 km from the capital. It was built by order of Louis XIV, who envied the residence of his finance minister and decided to build himself an even more magnificent palace. Louis involved in the construction of the same people who were engaged in the construction of the castle in Vaux-le-Viscount. Architect Louis Levoe, artist Charles Lebrun and landscape designer Andre Lenotr.

The Sun King wished his new residence to be a hundred times larger than the minister's castle in size, extravagance and grandeur. There are legends about the Palace of Versailles, and the park surrounding it is just unique. Telling about the beauty of the main attraction of Versailles is meaningless, this landmark must be personally seen. It takes an average of 2 hours to visit the palace. This time is enough to explore the chambers of Louis XIV and Queen Marie Antoinette, visit the mirror gallery and walk through the main halls and rooms. A visit to the park is about 3 hours.

The royal chapel of the Palace of Versailles was built in 1689. Thanks to the bright floor of multi-colored marble, gigantic sculptures and magnificent paintings, it has become the standard that many European churches have oriented themselves to. According to ancient religious beliefs, the king of France was considered the chosen one of God, so the monumental columns and exquisite altars of his chapel should reflect all the divine splendor that the Almighty awarded the monarch. Today, the chapel is often used as a venue for music concerts or private events.

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France tourism - Royal Chapel of Versailles Palace. France tours, Paris.
The Versailles Royal Opera House, designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, is located in the north wing of the Versailles Palace and is built entirely of wood. It is believed that for this reason there is such excellent acoustics. The opera seats up to 1,200 spectators, and today it is possible to enjoy ballet, orchestral plays and classical theater operas. From time to time, this place will be converted into a ballroom - its magnificent chandeliers and antique surroundings create a truly fabulous atmosphere.

For more than a century, the small town of Versailles was the actual capital of France. Everything is breathing history, it is very rich, cozy and hospitable

Even now, when tourists can move around the world as much as they want and admire the most outstanding buildings, the Versailles ensemble is still amazing. Versailles is often associated with the royal palace, and very often the word Versailles implies only a palace. In fact, Versailles is a city, a small city, but very cultural, historical, magical, incredibly interesting and very tourist.

Of course, summer is the most popular time to visit Versailles. Warmly, all the most interesting and not very sights of the city work. June is the most popular month for theatergoers. Connoisseurs of the performances come here from all over France to watch the performances and not only. In June, there are many different theatrical productions. Performances take place even on the streets.

In order to see all the fountains working you need to visit the palace on special days called Grandes Eaux Musicales or Jardins Musicaux and buy a separate ticket. Such events, when full music concerts are organized, take place in Versailles on some Tuesdays and Fridays in the summer. On Friday and Saturday evening, from May to September, Versailles hosts a musical performance of fountains with fireworks.

To visit Versailles on such days, you can buy the special offer "The Royal Evening at Versailles" and then enjoy the full splendor of the palace complex. The history of the Palace of Versailles dates back to 1623 from a very modest hunting castle like a feudal castle erected at the request of Louis XIII from brick, stone and roofing slate in the territory purchased from Jean de Soisy, whose family owned land from the XIV century.

The mirror gallery, which is an adornment of the Palace of Versailles, once served as a passage connecting the apartments of the king and queen of France. The hall has more than 350 mirrors, 17 huge windows on one side and 17 mirrors in the form of windows located opposite. All this creates a magnificent light ensemble of gold and crystal. Visiting Versailles and not visiting the mirror gallery is unforgivable. It's better to come here early in the morning, since at noon there is literally nowhere for an apple to fall.

Big Trianon. In the center of the park, about 1.5 km northwest of the main palace, there are two small complexes surrounded by neatly tended flower beds and terraces with flowers. The large Trianon of pink marble was built in 1687 specifically for Louis XIV - he liked to spend his free time here, taking a break from the bustle of the large palace. Napoleon later ordered the furnishings in Empire style.

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