Yaroslavl, Russia. Yaroslavl has a full range of attractions for all kinds of tourists

A remarkable feature of Yaroslavl is more than 30 ancient, rich, exceptionally beautiful churches and temples. Cheap hotels in Yaroslavl are very diverse.

The pearl of the Golden Ring, an honorary member of the UNESCO List with more than 800 monuments of architecture, the center of Russian merchants and just a very beautiful city that recently celebrated its millennium - all this is Yaroslavl

In its historical center, located on the Volga and Kotorosli rivers, you can see the creations of the architects of the last five centuries: trading stalls, stock exchanges, merchants' mansions and, of course, churches with branded emerald cupolas crowned with openwork gold crosses.

The architecture of Yaroslavl is distinctive and heterogeneous. Over the centuries, the city absorbed the characteristic features of various styles - perhaps, in Yaroslavl all the main directions of Russian architecture of the XVI-XX centuries are represented. The historic center of Yaroslavl is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the city itself has an open-air museum status for an abundance of attractions. One of the most famous monuments of Yaroslavl is the Transfiguration Monastery, which was founded in the XII century: various monuments of the XVI-XIX centuries are preserved on its territory.

In the written sources of ancient Romanism of the 2nd-4th centuries, the Volga is geographically identified as the river Ra - generous, in the Arab sources of the 9th century it is called the Atel - the river of rivers, the great river. In the earliest ancient Russian chronicle, "The Tale of Bygone Years," it says: "From that Volokovsky forest, the Volga will flow to the east and flow in. into the sea of Khvaliss." Volokovsky Forest - the ancient name of the Valdai Hills. The Chalissian was called the Caspian Sea.

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Yaroslavl, Russia
The geographical position of the Volga and its major tributaries has already caused its importance as a trading route between the East and the West by the VIII century. It was along the Volga that the Arab silver flowed into the Scandinavian countries. Fabrics and metals were exported from the Arab Caliphate, slaves, furs, wax, and honey were exported from the Slavic lands. In the 9th - 10th centuries, such centers as the Khazar Itil in the estuary, the Bulgarian Bulgar on the Middle Volga, the Russians the Rostov, Suzdal, Moore in the Volga Region, played a significant role in trade.

Yaroslavl was founded at the beginning of the 11th century by the Kiev prince Yaroslav the Wise as a fortress city on the right bank of the Volga at the confluence of Kotorosl, where the ancient Russian settlement Medvezhy corner was located from the 10th century

Yaroslavl great weekend getaway. The glorious city, founded by Yaroslav the Wise, is considered one of the pearls of the Golden Ring. Russian tourists seek new destinations. Yaroslavl is a city rich in sights that you definitely need to see. 785 monuments of history and culture (7 monuments of archeology, 13 monuments of art, 722 monuments of architecture and 43 monuments of history) - a city with a 1000-year history deserves to be seen. Excursion to Yaroslavl will be one of the most vivid memories of your life.

The best time to visit Yaroslavl is summer. The city is located at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl rivers, during the navigation period you can easily cruise on the boat, enjoying the magical views. No less picturesque will be a walk along the embankment of the city - one of the most beautiful in the Volga region. Right there, on the embankment, is John Mostoslavsky's private museum "Music and Time". The main role in its exposure is given to the bells of all colors and sizes. There are also many vintage musical instruments that are allowed to play.

Despite the fact that in Russia there are many different beautiful rivers, nevertheless, the Volga is most valuable for it, the population of the country calls it majestic, based on the fact that the Volga is the queen of all Russian rivers. Scientists and geologists determine from deposits in the Earth's crust that over the immeasurably long history of the Earth, significant areas of the present Volga region have more than once turned into the seabed.

One of the seas slowly retreated to the south about twenty million years ago, and then the Volga River followed its tracks. The Volga did not begin in Valdai, but near the Ural Mountains. She seemed to have cut off the corner, taking the direction to Zhiguli from there, and she carried the waters much further east than now. The movements of the Earth's crust, the formation of new heights and valleys, sharp fluctuations in the level of the Caspian Sea and other reasons forced the Volga River to change direction.

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