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The top of Huangshan looks like an open flower with several petals. In the wilds are hotels and many tracks to different petal tops

In eastern China, there is the China Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) mountain range, located near Shanghai. One of the main natural attractions of China, a source of inspiration for many generations of artists and poets, this mountain has a truly magical appeal. This place gained fame thanks to granite rocks completely covered with pine trees, and especially two interesting and fun routes for tourists.

Unlike Zhangjiajie, where you can explore most of the park, moving from one bus station to another, you will have to do some hard work here. The bus only drives up to the lower stations of the cable car to the top, and you will have to walk along the top only on foot, along endless stairs, up and down. By the way, they say that the reserve of Mount Huangshan has more than 60,000 steps. Only being in China can one understand why so many people here are eager to climb the mountain.

Tibet smoothly flows into the mountains of Central China, whose height ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 meters. Here the vegetation is more saturated: there are coniferous forests, represented by Siberian and Sayan spruce, juniper and fir. The animals include the Amur leopard, the long-haired tiger and sable, whose population has been significantly affected by human actions, as well as squirrels, chipmunks and wolverines.

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Yellow Mountain, China
Huangshan or the "Yellow Mountains" in the eastern part of the country, which got their name from the shade of the rocks that formed them, rise several hundred meters. They create bizarre landscapes, evoking sublime feelings in artists. Travelers love to photograph these peaks, especially when they are surrounded by clouds.

The name Yellow Mountains was given in 747 by a Chinese poet

It's great that stairs and cable cars were laid here, now almost anyone can get on top and enjoy the beauty. Mountains Huangshan - perhaps the most visited natural site in China. This is partly due to the fact that getting here is somewhat easier than in Zhangjiajie and especially in Jiuzhaigou. Given the fact that the highest peaks of Huangshan do not exceed 2000 meters, it is difficult to call them mountains.

But this is the case when not so important height. They come here for unusual and magnificent views. They are going with their own eyes to see the sea from the clouds creeping over the hills characteristic of these places. Huangshan makes you open your mouth with delight from the very first minutes when you are just beginning to climb up. The fingers themselves press the camera's shutter and it is impossible to stop them.

The Huangshan Mountains are a huge national park, the inspection of which will take from one to three days. It all depends on your preferences and budget. Walking is easier and faster on the east side. It should be noted that on both sides it is not at all an easy walk through the forest. On the eastern side, the climb is about 700 meters, and on the western side there is generally a kilometer along a very steep staircase. In the first days of their stay in China, tourists can be embarrassed due to the fact that the Chinese will view them from head to toe without feeling embarrassed.

The culture of local people is very different from the culture of other countries. For example, it may seem to you that they lack tact. However, for the Chinese in the order of things, when they first met, ask about their health, personal life and salary - just relax and enjoy communication. In fact, the Chinese are quite friendly and good-natured, and the peculiarities of their mentality will not spoil your impression of the country.

Souvenirs from China include paintings. You will find embroidered or painted panels on paper or silk in any size and technique: from budget to exclusive, antique and very expensive. The paintings depict architectural masterpieces drowning in blooming sakura, Chinese in national clothes, mountains, animals, or simply hieroglyphs with different meanings.

A distinctive feature of local cosmetics is their composition, which includes only natural and natural components (roots, leaves and flowers of plants, shark fat, marine flora, essential oils). All cosmetics are a successful combination of modern technologies and developments with the most ancient recipes and traditions. Fragrant perfumes will also remind you of distant China for many years. The basis of many of them is tea.

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