Zanzibar tropical tours. Woman on palm tree. Africa travel packages - exotic beach of Zanzibar island

Zanzibar cuisine and food in Zanzibar is 80% seafood

Zanzibar is a paradise in the Indian Ocean, located on the east coast of Africa

Zanzibar is an island of contrasts, where western and eastern cultures mixed with wild African motifs. And this is the birthplace of Freddie Mercury, did you know? The main advantage of Zanzibar is its white sandy beaches. You can fall for days on the ocean shore, basking in the rays of the warm sun. If you want to enjoy the flora and fauna of Zanzibar, you should definitely visit the Jozani forest, where there are monkeys friendly to tourists, or visit Turtle Island and see giant tortoises.

Zanzibar is invaluable for travelers tired of society. Desertion of the beaches at first scares, but then you begin to find in this special charm, realizing that this serene blue sky and the whisper of the surf only for you, and for a few kilometers there is no one with whom you would have to share.

An increasingly popular form of outdoor activities in Europe is already known in Tanzania, surfing in Zanzibar is a sport and recreation and a little adventure. Sap surfing is a water sport that is a type of regular surfing, and moving is done by paddling. Perfect weather for surfing is calm. Then you can safely surf the ocean, getting pleasure from it.

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Zanzibar tropical tours. Woman on palm tree. Africa travel packages - exotic beach of Zanzibar island

Total reboot on the paradise island of Zanzibar

Going to Zanzibar in search of outdoor activities, you will not be surprised that the most popular activity after lying on the beach is snorkeling in Zanzibar. Snorkeling can be done both independently and buy excursions. Not every beach is suitable for independent swimming, but on every beach you can purchase a guided tour.

Before traveling to Zanzibar, take the time to visit a doctor and consult about the need for preventive vaccinations. Get medical insurance. Walking through the reserve is possible only with a guide. Without a guide, such a trip is not only uninteresting, but also dangerous. Evaluate your strength in hot and humid tropics. Most likely you will get tired faster than you expect.

If you have ever used the services of travel agencies and went to their offices, you must have noticed the walls with colorful photos of Maldives and Seychelles. As from the advertising of Bounty: white beaches, clear blue sea water, over which palm trees with half-naked girls sit on them. The truth is that this paradise really exists only a few hours a day at the time of maximum tide. The rest of the time, if you want to swim, then you will be able to rinse your feet to the knee. Or it is necessary to stomp over the sea, sometimes several kilometers, carefully crossing sea urchins.

Most vacationers come to the island by families and youth companies for the opportunity to warm up, lie in the sun, swim in the warm southern waters. Paje beach is located on the east coast, the ocean is calm, clear water, white sand as shallow as sand. The sandy strip of the beach is long and wide enough to accommodate not only vacationers, but also coastal cafes, where you can hide from the sun and drink something refreshing.

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