Zurich at twilight. Travel Switzerland!

Ancient church Fraumunster in Zurich

Fraumunster, along with Grossmunster and St. Peter's Cathedral, is one of the most significant churches in Zurich

This temple, which according to official documents was erected back in 853 by the legendary King Louis II of Germany, constantly attracts the attention of tourists. Such popularity is explained quite simply: the gothic style and severity characteristic of the buildings of that time and the most interesting history simply cannot fail to interest tens of thousands of guests of Switzerland, guests of a country that is rich in historical and architectural monuments.

The Fraumunster church in Zurich was built by order of the monarch for his daughter, Hildelgard. A young girl preached the Catholic faith and decided to move away from worldly affairs in order to devote herself to serving God. Such a desire for the spiritual world could not help but arouse the admiration of her father: in those days, the children of the powerful, especially the children of kings, mostly indulged in entertainment, and gave too little importance to faith. King Ludwig II of Germany decided to support his daughter and built a church for her, although it would be more correct to say a monastery. After the construction of the church, the monarch did not stint and gave the new monastery two cities and the surrounding area.

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Zurich at twilight. Travel Switzerland!

Fraumunster Church in Zurich - the former greatness of the convent

Tourists, who came to Zurich for new impressions, say that the Fraumunster Church makes them completely distract from the hustle and bustle and forget about problems and adversities for a while. The capital of Switzerland is Bern, but Zurich, where the Fraumunster church is located, is considered the second, unofficial main city of the country. Zurich is the capital of business, something like New York in the USA.

Naturally, a huge number of banking institutions and offices in this city makes it vain and noisy. On the Munsterhofplatz street, the natives of the city and its guests are looking for peace and spiritual cleansing. All this can be found in the magnificent Fraumunster church. During the restoration of 1847, a fresco was found on the wall of the temple, which was painted over during the Reformation.

The ancient fresco was located over the grave of the sisters Hildegardy and Bertha, the first Mother Superior of Fraumunster, whose ashes were reburied inside the temple in 1272. One of the main values of the Cathedral is stained glass windows, made by Marc Chagall himself. At the time of the start of work on the Fraumunster stained glass windows, Marc Chagall was 83 years old.

Despite his advanced age and illness, the greatest artist personally worked on every stained glass window and even prepared glass for them. Two years later, 5 luxurious windows appeared in the Zurich church, which tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see each year at the moment.

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