Cyprus holidays. Tradiotional greek clay pots on display. Greece tourism

What to bring from Cyprus as a gift - the best souvenirs. Greek and Roman home cookware.

Considering the numerous windows the tourists usually can not decide what is better to bring from a trip to Cyprus as a souvenir or as a gift?

Local traditions will tell you the best solution and help with the choice. Cyprus is one of the leaders in the export of olives and olive oil. This plant is very revered on the island, it is even depicted on the emblem of Cyprus. In many Cypriot villages, small oil mills are actively working, where local residents work. In all areas of the ancient Mediterranean, a large number of various types of ceramic tableware has been preserved.

There are hundreds of wine villages on the island. Local craftsmen produce excellent products made of silver, glass, leather. On the island, literally every souvenir shop sells silver jewelry, with a unique weaving technique. It is more like air lace than a heavy metal product. Cyprus lace - the village of Lefkara, in the region of Larnaca, in the south-east of the island, is an extremely popular attraction. It produces unique lace, which has no analogues in the whole world. Lefkari embroidery is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Cyprus holidays. Tradiotional greek clay pots on display. Greece tourism.

What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Cyprus? Ceramic vessels for storing liquids, mainly wine, olive oil, water and grain

Every time, going on a trip, we think about what to bring from other cities and countries to ourselves and loved ones as a gift. Every corner of the world has its own characteristics, characteristics, popular products and goods. Cyprus is no exception! What to bring as a gift from Cyprus? An island full of ancient myths and legends attracts travelers not only with picturesque landscapes, exploration of ancient ruins and comfortable hotels. What will be the best memory of your stay in Cyprus?

Ceramic products. Pitchers, vases, vessels - the list is almost endless. The art of pottery in Cyprus developed even before the beginning of the Christ era. Ceramic craftsmanship on the island developed over many millennia, absorbing the cultural traditions of both the ancient peoples and the crusaders who came later. Cypriot wine tasting is a must-see item. This drink can do on the island. The main production facilities are located in the cities of Limassol and Paphos. Huge plantations of varieties Karnyan, Mavro, Muscat grow here.

Local Halumi cheese is sold in any market. It is made from sheep and cow's milk, often added fresh herbs, mint for example. The product has a high melting point, so most often it is fried in deep fat with olive oil from Cyprus, of course. Add fresh vegetables, baked meat or fish, wine brought from Cyprus, and you get a great treat for friends.

Holidays in Cyprus can not be called cheap. Local masters are well aware of the importance of their work, and knows its price. Good quality Cypriot souvenirs cannot be cheap, but they are beautiful and will definitely serve for a long time. The nature of Cyprus is unique and rich in flora and fauna. Taking care of the travelers, there are many natural parks with neat tourist paths, where you can walk or cycle, have a picnic, talk to nature. Gorgeous landscapes will delight the eye of every traveler.

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