Russia vacations. Hovercraft at winter lake Baikal. Russia tours

The most beautiful and interesting places of Baikal will become available for you

Winter Baikal is gaining popularity among advanced travelers and photographers from around the world

Few people know that there is a winter tourist season on Baikal, when Baikal is completely covered with ice chains, this is the end of January - the beginning of April. Siberian winter is beautiful - a lot of sparkling snow, clear transparent ice, iridescent with all shades of blue. Evergreen cedars and firs, dressed in fluffy snow-white fur coats and the sea of the sun - this is remembered for a lifetime. Winter on Lake Baikal is unforgettable and strikingly different from the picture observed here in the summer. In winter and in the first half of spring, you can explore almost the entire Baikal and visit remote corners on an inexpensive transport that can go almost everywhere.

The water in the lake is so transparent that individual pebbles and various objects can be seen at a depth of 40 meters. Due to the unique crystal structure and temperature conditions, the ice of Baikal is very strong. In some areas, the wind blows snow off the ice cover, parallel to polishing it and giving it a perfectly smooth shape - it seems as if you are walking on glass. By the end of winter, the thickness of the Baikal ice is 1.5-2 meters. This is enough to sustain a whole steam engine.

After the water surface is covered with ice, there are more opportunities to see the beauty of the Baikal nature. Meter strata of transparent dark ice, turquoise hummocks, ice grottoes with hanging icicles. At the end of winter, there is a powerful movement of ice, and individual hummocks can exceed the height of a person. Barren fields attract the attention of photographers by the unusual jumble of sparkling ice.

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Russia vacations. Hovercraft at winter lake Baikal. Russia tours
Winter came. Today is a clear winter day, the sun shines dazzlingly bright. All around is white-white: soft fluffy snow evenly covered the ground. Snow is everywhere. When it's freezing cold in the winter, at first you don't even want to leave the house. However, when you walk along a snowy street, and the snow under your feet squeaks merrily, your heart becomes so joyful! The main thing in this weather - do not stand long in one place. When you move - you walk, you run, you ride on a sled - it's impossible to freeze!

Travelers who find themselves on the ice of Baikal experience no less emotion than they did when visiting Antarctica, Greenland

Baikal is a unique place that stores not only 20% of the world's freshwater reserves, but also a wide variety of natural areas and breathtaking landscapes and landscapes for almost 2,200 kilometers - this is exactly the length of the Baikal coastline. In winter, in Listvyanka, you can ride along the ski slopes of the Eastland Center, go on a trip on snowmobiles or sled dogs. In February, the Crystal Seal ice sculpture competition takes place here.

When you come to Lake Baikal in winter, the first thing you notice is the incredible beauty and the cleanest air, which is simply impossible to breathe. In winter, it is felt especially acutely. It is worth going through the ice-bound Baikal once to realize that during the cold season this place is no less beautiful than in the summer. Due to cracks in the ice, the lake's fauna does not die from lack of oxygen. Horizontal cracks pierce the entire thickness of the ice. Frozen air, rising up through the ice, forms freakish columns in the surface layers of ice.

Man is an interesting creature. He is very difficult to please. Few people know what he wants. In the summer of man is hot and he wants winter. And in the winter it is cold to him and he wants the summer to come soon. Baikal ski resort "Sobolinaya Mountain" is an active recreation center on southern Baikal. Thousands of skiers and snowboarders from all over Russia come here to relax and chat. The highest mark of Sobolin Mountain is 1004 m. The height difference is 500 m. There are 12 tracks on Sobolina Mountain. Their total length is 17 km.

The shores of Lake Baikal has always represented a huge expanse of untouched, pristine nature. Forests and mountains, animal trails and bird colonies on rocks and islets. It smells of living herbs, mosses, lichens, fragrant cedar forests. Baikal is famous all over the world for its clear and transparent water, as well as stunning views. Winter has come. It became cold. Soft, fluffy snow covered the ground with a white veil. Rivers and streams froze. Many birds flew to distant hot countries. Hamsters, chipmunks and even bears went to bed until spring. But in the winter we are pleased with bright bullfinches and not despondent titmouses. Winter gives us a lot of beauty and fun. Despite the cold, you can spend time with health benefits, as well as pay more attention to their loved ones. And besides, it is worth remembering that winter is not eternal and a warm, gentle spring will soon come.

By 2080, global warming may force people to move to Siberia. A gradual increase in temperature on planet Earth entails many negative consequences, including the extinction of certain animal species and the unsuitability of part of the now fertile land for further residence. However, global warming can revive such harsh and uninhabited places as Siberia. Perhaps, at the end of the XXI century, more people will live on this territory than now. At present, only 27% of Russian residents live in Siberia. This is due to the fact that the average temperature in this region rarely exceeds zero degrees, and 65% of its area is occupied by permafrost, unsuitable for growing crops. Also in Siberia there is relatively little rainfall, which also creates adverse living conditions.

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