Travel Gold Coast. Highview of Gold Coast beach. Australia travel, Gold Coast tours

Gold Coast is famous for its delightful sandy beaches. Suitable areas of the coast here are for fans of various kinds of recreation

Gold Coast is one of the largest cities in Australia, located in Queensland, a tourist center of world importance and the most popular beach resort in the country

Surfers Paradise is the center of the Gold Coast and, as the name implies, a paradise for surfers. Here is a large part of the hotels and apartments of the resort, which, by the way, huddle together so that they thoroughly obscure the beach in the afternoon. Broad Beach is a more tranquil stretch of coast, offering leisure and entertainment at affordable prices. There are more than enough hotels there too. Opportunities to diversify leisure - Jupiter's casino and the impressive Pacific Fair shopping center.

You can also visit the country's most famous tropical fruit plantation "Big Pineapple" or the indescribable beauty of Fraser Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The real Australian "jungle", the tropical rainforests of Lamington National Park, which is also under the tutelage of UNESCO, is also nearby. The main value of the resort is the picturesque beaches and first-class hotel complexes, which annually choose thousands of travelers as a holiday destination. The most deep-sea beaches are located in the southern part of the coast, including the charming beach of Burleigh Neads and Bayron Bay. Gold Coast is considered the best place to surf the world. On some parts of the beach, you can catch a great wave at any time of the year. Here, in contrast to other beaches in the world, a special system of protection against sharks is installed, which makes rest in the water very safe.

Gold Coast is a luxury resort on the Pacific coast, located in the Australian state of Queensland. This city is often called the Australian Miami, a city that is a paradise for lovers of active beach holidays, entertainment and surfing. Here are the best clubs in Australia, discos, restaurants and hotels. They come here to rest from all over Australia to enjoy the great weather all year round, a warm clear ocean and plenty of entertainment for every taste.

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Travel Gold Coast. Highview of Gold Coast beach. Australia travel, Gold Coast tours
The most attractive place for families with children can be called the beach Broadwater Events parklands. In addition to the classic beach holiday, Gold Coast is ready to offer tourists a lot of interesting entertainment, the modern resort is perfect for family holidays. Best vacation destinations for couples. The two best hotels of the coast, Sheraton Mirage and Palazzo Versace, are located on Main Beach, the most popular and fashionable area of the Golden Coast, but most of the hotels and apartments are located on Surfers Paradise.

Most of the beaches of the Gold Coast are deep-sea, which will delight fans of surfing and scuba diving

Australia, which is both a continent and a country, is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of area, and it is, which is not surprising, in abundance has natural attractions that one cannot wait to explore. From the monolithic cliff of Uluru, to the wild, indomitable and merciless outback ("wilderness"), as well as to the colorful wonder of the Great Barrier Reef, located near the sunlit Gold Coast in Queensland - in Australia you can find unique, unforgettable places. Those who prefer outdoor activities will enjoy the "open air culture", and the great diversity in active activities and sports, including swimming, diving, snorkelling, surfing, hiking, mountain biking, and even skiing. skiing - and all this is easily accessible. In Australia, all conditions are created for tourism.

For those who prefer to spend holidays and weekends in urban settings, Australian cities will definitely not disappoint. The clean, cosmopolitan, youthful urban centers of Australia (such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) are world-class cities. Australia's famous cultural sights include the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, the Australian Museum and the Museum of Old and New Art. Australia also boasts an impressive and fast-growing restaurant culture that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most fastidious gourmets. It doesn't matter if you plan to see the sights in Australia, or you plan to spend time relaxing on the magnificent beaches, trying the local beer (there are a lot of brands), you will certainly have a great time in this country.

A new study by Australian scientists showed that the weakening and warming of the polar funnel in the stratosphere over the Antarctic increases the likelihood of the hottest and driest weather conditions that increase the risk of forest fires in the subtropical part of East Australia - compared to the usual level typical of these places in spring and the beginning of summer. This combination of unusual natural climatic fluctuations over the Indian and Southern Oceans, the unprecedented lack of winter rains in 2017, 2018 and 2019, as well as the record-breaking summers for Australia, led to an unprecedented drought, which now covers 100 percent of New South Wales and 67.4 percent of Queensland. As a result of the combination of these factors, the earth's surface was so hot that even the usually humid subtropical jungle was the right fuel for the disastrous fires of the Australian summer of 2019.

Historically, the most difficult seasons of drought and fire in the bush of Australia came when the Indian Ocean dipole combined with El Nino, which led to a decrease in humidity. These two climate drivers affected rainfall and soil moisture in Australia. The peak of the drought was observed in the southeast of the continent, but in general it affected almost the entire country (with the notable exception of the coastal strip in New South Wales). Australia's climate continued to warm, and a number of scientific sources suggested that the historical relationship between Australia's climate drivers and their effects on rainfall and average temperature could be disturbed. For example, the driest years in the history of observations have been associated with an increased influence of El Nino, in accordance with global temperature trends. However, global warming has led to the fact that even the traditionally colder years, coinciding with the activity of La Nina, are today on average warmer than many previous years marked by the activity of El Nino. From this we can conclude that human activity is increasingly insistently intervening in natural climatic fluctuations.

Following the hottest summer in the history of observations and a record year in terms of heat and aridity, a new fire season in the Australian bush (2019-2020) began already in the winter of 2019. In September, during the first week of spring, catastrophic fires devastated many areas in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. Even the usually moss-covered jungle of the Gondwana Rainforest National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, burned. Similarly, in Tasmania in 2016, fires destroyed large areas of the Gondwana jungle, provoking a cascade of changes affecting the entire ecosystem. Surprisingly, the current catastrophic fires began against the backdrop of minimal El Nino activity, whose impact in the past has been stably associated with the increased danger of forest fires.

Thus, the infamous Ash Wednesday fires in southeast Australia in February 1983 occurred during the most powerful El Nino in the history of observations. In these fires, 75 people died, more than 2 thousand houses were burned. The ash fires were also preceded by the strongly pronounced influence of the Indian Ocean dipole. Together with El Nino, they dealt a double blow, which formed climatic conditions favorable for the occurrence of fires. Similarly, a combination of factors affected the 1994 Sydney fires: increased El Nino activity and increased exposure to the Indian Ocean dipole. However, the current drought has affected areas such as the coast of New South Wales, which had not previously suffered from the complex effects of IOD and El Nino. This means that some other factors came first.

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