Mexico resorts. Acapulco hotels Mexico. Travel to the chic and extreme Mexican city

Acapulco is especially beautiful in the evening, when rapidly approaching twilight covers the surrounding hills, erasing the ocean horizon line and lighting the lights on the main street

Acapulco became a popular resort in the 60s of the 20th century, celebrities love to relax here, and Hollywood directors have long chosen the city as an ideal movie shooting platform

Acapulco is a Pacific pearl - a resort created by supportive nature. Two picturesque bays, amazing nature, white beaches - all this makes Acapulco a magnificent resort in a tropical paradise. The city is considered the night capital of Mexico, a city of shows, entertainment, restaurants, bars and casinos.

For many tourists, walks to La Quebrada bay became their favorite entertainment. Here you can watch how extreme people from among the locals jump from a cliff, which is 34 meters high. Rest in the Old Acapulco area, on the beaches of Caleta, will suit most visitors - here the ocean is calm, and there are always a lot of swimmers, including many locals.

In the west of the resort is the "traditional Acapulco". This is a place where city attractions are concentrated. There are several hotels here, but they are more likely to be suitable for a short stay during the inspection of historical monuments. In the same area of the city popular budget accommodation, like guest houses.

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Mexico resorts. Acapulco hotels Mexico.
Mexican cuisine is a spicy mix of Spanish and Native American traditions. Recipes of national dishes can not be imagined without three ingredients: corn tortillas, hot chili peppers and beans. The honorable first place is occupied by appetizers - all kinds of burritos, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, tacos. In fact, these are flat cakes in which meat or vegetable filling is wrapped. Served with various sauces - from tomato "salsa" to "guacamole" made from avocado. The honorable second place can be given to variations on the fajitos theme: meat, fresh vegetables, stewed beans are wrapped in a thin cake - everything to taste. Among the alcoholic beverages tequila leads - vodka from blue agave.

This is the Miguel Aleman embankment, encircling the bay

The facades of the hotels overlooking it are brightly lit, advertising is dancing on the walls of restaurants, bars and discos. The sound of the surf drowns in the fragments of melodies coming from their doors. This Mexican resort city right came down from the cinema screens. And no wonder - luxurious local beaches in combination with lush vegetation have to shoot Hollywood movie masterpieces.

Acapulco's famous nightlife with sea of lights revolves around world-famous nightclubs and discos. The recommended places for night rest are the Palladium and Enigma discos, the Queen and Sinatras Piano Bar music clubs, and the Don Fer's night club. Fans of a relaxing beach holiday should look at hotels near the beaches of Caleta and Caletilla. A small island opposite protects the coast from the invasion of ocean waves, so this place is popular with families with children and elderly tourists.

The infrastructure of the beach is designed for a relaxing family holiday: there are fenced-in paddies for children in the water, sun shades are installed, family restaurants and cafes work, and noisy parties are not held at all. There are quite wild beaches in Acapulco. One of these is Revolcadero, in the southern part of the resort. The place is very picturesque. The water in the ocean is clear, and the sand on the beach has a grayish tint.

The beach is not suitable for swimming, as the waves on Revolcadero are large and strong undercurrent. For recreation, the beach is also not equipped: here you will not find any sun loungers or toilets. However, here lovers of secluded relaxation surrounded by wonderful nature will surely enjoy it. In the city there are many museums, there are many historical and architectural attractions. The historic center of Acapulco is considered the Municipal Square Zocalo, the main decoration of which is the Cathedral de la Soledad. In Acapulco, there are many expensive hotels for the discerning public. One of the best hotels is Princess, its building, built in the form of the Aztec pyramid, is so beautiful that they even organize excursions here.

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