Africa tourism. Stone forest, amazing sandstone cliffs in Sahara Desert, Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria. Africa tours

The oldest monument of nature and art. Tassili n'Ajjer National Park.

Tassili n'Ajjer National Park is located in the south-eastern lands of Algeria. Its unusual "lunar" landscape is of great geological and archaeological interest

Anyone who finds himself in the heart of the sultry and mysterious Sahara should definitely visit one magical place known worldwide for its cave paintings. It is about the frescoes of Tassili, which are located in an ancient cave on the territory of the famous African desert. Prehistoric cave paintings instantly transfer every traveler ten thousand years ago to the Neolithic era. Most of the paintings depict animal figures - mostly cattle, there are also many human figures. Many rock paintings demonstrate the various processes of life of the ancient man - hunting or pasture. Some drawings are depicted with amazing accuracy, they allow to examine animals in the smallest detail.

It was these amazing murals that allowed scientists to make an amazing discovery - it turns out that in those days the Sahara was a green and high-watering place. But the desert gradually attacked the ancient human settlements, drying up the rivers and forcing people to retreat before the powerful force of nature. In memory of those times, rock paintings were left on which former residents of the Sahara can be seen: playing children, women at home, chopping firewood for men, gathered for council of elders, people working in the field.

The Tassilin-Adjer Plateau is a double monument of nature and art. At first, it was formed by crystalline rocks of the Earth's crust when the Sahara, northwestern, part of the ancient African platform was raised in the Precambrian period, that is, more than 500 million years ago. The greatest cultural value of the park is rock art, dating from a period that begins 10-12 thousand years BC. and ends with the 2nd century of our era.

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Africa tourism. Stone forest, amazing sandstone cliffs in Sahara Desert, Tassili NAjjer, Algeria. Africa tours.
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On the plateau, travelers see a fantastic landscape: rock canopies, unique arches, stone pillars. Mysterious grottoes and unique caves with traces of life of ancient people are hiding in the rocks

The largest plateau is located in the south-east of Algeria on the border of Libya, Niger and Mali. People inhabited the plateau Tassilin-Adzher from the Neolithic period, from the 7th century AD. to VII century. (ad). In the caves of Tassilin-Adger, rock paintings appeared more than 6,000 years ago. In the Middle Ages Tuaregs settled here, here they were removed in the XI century by Arab conquerors. Literally, the name of the area from the ancient language of the Tuareg is translated as "the plateau of the rivers.".

Indeed, the mountain ridge, forming labyrinths of canyons and gorges, cut through numerous dried beds (wadi). They converge in the Wadi Ymirho district, which lies first to the northeast, then turns to the northwest and disappears in the sands in the west of the province of Illizi. On the territory of 72,000 square kilometers, a huge number of archaeological remains, primeval dwellings and burial mounds were found, which allowed scientists to study the history of the region and the Sahara as a whole.

Only 5,000-6,000 years ago, the lifeless desert was a fairly fertile area, huge herds of wild animals roamed its endless expanses, and people living on fishing, gathering and hunting settled on the shores of lakes and rivers among rich tropical vegetation. Petroglyphs in the prehistoric caves of the Tassilin-Adjer Plateau illustrate their lives. More than 15 thousand drawings and engravings tell about animal migration, climate change and human evolution on the border of the Sahara. All of them are quite bright, performed in different styles and belonged to different periods.

The earliest petroglyphs, dated 6-2 millennia BC. e., depict the Bushmen with bows and arrows and scenes from hunting. Then come the rock paintings of 3-1 millennia BC. er There are already images of elephants, giraffes, dogs, horses, sheep and goats. This is the period of the formation of cattle breeding. On petroglyphs, dating back to 2000 years BC. er and the beginning of our era, most often depicted sheep and bulls with a disk on their heads, carts with wheels and horses, which indicates the connection of this territory with the ancient Egyptian civilization. The latest cave paintings date back to the 2nd and 7th centuries of AD and reflect the time of taming camels.

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