Spain tour - bird's eye view of Agbar Tower in Barcelona

Torre Glories or Agbar Tower in Barcelona

One of the most recognizable buildings in Barcelona is the Agbar Tower

Today it is difficult to surprise experienced tourists with ancient excavations, therefore, in search of novelty and unusual exhibits, they rush to Barcelona, where there is a recognizable Agbar tower. Its uniqueness can be assessed in the night, when the building is illuminated with purple, blue and red lights and all its monumentality resembles a huge cucumber.

The Tower of Glory (Torre Glories), formerly known as Agbar Tower or Torre Agbar in Barcelona (abbreviated from Aguas de Barcelona) is a famous Barcelona skyscraper, which is an example of the city's high-tech architecture. The tower was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel in collaboration with the Spanish company b720 Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos. Torre Glories was built by Dragados. The building has 38 floors, 4 of which are underground and 34 are above ground floors. In total, the height of the tower is 145 meters.

The tower is located in the Sant Marti district in Barcelona, between Diagonal Avenue and Badajoz Street, not far from Glories Catalanes Square and the Sagrada Familia. As in many large cities, there are "free tours" in Barcelona. Every day at 10:00, 11:00 and 14:00, the Angelic Square (near the exit from Jaume I station) starts a three-hour sightseeing tour of Barcelona. You can join the tour absolutely free, but be prepared to give the guide a small reward at the end of the tour - this is not necessary, but desirable.

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Spain tour - bird eye view of Agbar Tower in Barcelona
Stretching more than seven thousand kilometers, the Spanish coast is a coastal ensemble, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea (in the east and south), Bay of Biscay (in the north) and the Atlantic Ocean (in the west). The Balearic Islands are located in the Mediterranean between Spain and Africa, and the Canaries are located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tower Agbar - an unusual creation of Jean Nouvel

After construction, the Agbar Tower quickly became an architectural icon of the city of Barcelona and one of the most famous buildings. Although, admittedly, the original object was not alien to criticism from citizens and experts, who suggested that the construction of such a building hardly fits into the architecture of Barcelona. But, over time, everyone got used to it, and now the Glories tower is an integral attribute of the capital of Catalonia, thus, together with other buildings of the city, making up such a diverse and impressive ensemble.

Torre Agbar strikes tourists during the day and at night in different ways. In the light of day, the walls of the tower shimmer, since they all have translucent and transparent panels. Their opening and closing takes place in automatic mode, which provides timely ventilation and helps to save resources. There is a gap between them and the building, which is provided by the architect as an air-conditioning system, control of the temperature of the air in the rooms takes place thanks to special built-in sensors outside. From the southern part of the construction, the panels are solar panels that accumulate additional energy to service the tower.

At dusk tourists are fascinated by the lighting of the Agbar Tower, in which the LEDs are involved, they endow the building with the similarity with the luminous dome. Some tourists find the tower similar to the New Year tree, densely entwined with garlands. For those who see the tower for the first time, 16 million neon diodes emit an indelible impression.

Barcelona is a special city that travelers from all over the world adore. Here "own atmosphere" reigns, having plunged into which, you distract from all worries. Like in many European cities, Barcelona has the Barcelona Card, which you can use for free to travel on public transport (including the train to / from the airport), to visit the most popular sights for free and without a queue. discounts.

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