Alaska cruise. Native Inukshuk inspired the logo for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Alaska tours. Travel pictures ideas

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Alaska is not only the largest state in the USA, but also the richest and most diverse in terms of tourism

There are 23 national parks and reserves. Our dreams take us to any place where our imagination wants to take us. A trip to Alaska is a journey that many people make once in a lifetime and everyone wants to remember it forever. There are two main airports in Alaska - Anchorage and Fairbanks, depending on your route, you can fly to any of them. There are definitely more planes flying to Anchorage and it is easier to make a route. There are several rail routes in Alaska, which, however, have a greater tourist function than transport.

Holidays in Alaska, located in the northwestern United States, in the first place - is the enjoyment of the incredible beauty of nature. Snow-capped mountains and forests stretched for many kilometers, trips to a large number of parks and reserves, excellent conditions for rafting and canoeing, and, of course, fishing - this is not an exhaustive list of attractions and activities, because of which tourists go on a trip in Alaska. Vacations boost physical and mental health. Summer is a hot season for Alaska. High season begins in mid-May and lasts until mid-September. It is best to go from mid-June to late August - neither the weather nor the nature will upset you.

Alaska attracts tourists from all over the world, therefore, despite the severity of the climate, the tourist infrastructure is very developed here. Thus, major cities and popular resorts offer accommodation in fashionable hotels, the price per day can be tens of thousands of rubles. But at the same time, America is a land of opportunity, and Alaska is no exception. In small towns and near natural sights, you can find hotels, as they say, "with soul" - furnished, if not with the highest chic, but having their own mood and style.

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Alaska cruise. Native Inukshuk inspired the logo for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Alaska tours
The first settlers in Alaska settled around 12 thousand years BC. History claims that Native American tribes lived here, occupying the territory for a long time. The first Europeans to travel to Alaska were members of a Russian expedition in the 18th century. It is no secret to anyone that this territory for many decades was part of the Russian Empire and bore the name "Russian America".

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Travel pictures gallery. The main reason why many people go to Alaska in the summer is to look at bears in their real habitat, especially when they fish in rivers. This can be done from many cities in Alaska, but only in the summer and only by plane. Importance of vacation in students life. Alaska is a real wild North, a riot of colors, sensations and feelings.

Snow-capped mountain peaks coexist with endless plains, rivers and lakes amaze with their crystal water and abundance of fish, the scent of coniferous forest penetrates inside, sliding glaciers demonstrate the laws of nature. Primordial nature and harsh climate attract and frighten at the same time. Tourists travel to Alaska all year round.

The main attraction of Alaska is its nature. Mountain ridges stretching for several kilometers, snow-covered ridges and heavy, dense forests. They go here to visit national parks and reserves. Fans of outdoor activities will prefer to go rafting or kayaking. And, of course, this is a paradise for fishing lovers. Humanity settled Alaska about 15 thousand years ago.

Actually, the ancient tribes began to settle in America through this territory. But the Europeans discovered this area after a long time: in the 18th century a Russian expedition went there. Almost everyone knows that for a long time this territory belonged to the Russian Empire. These possessions were called Russian America, the empire tried to explore the territory for the benefit of its economic interests.

Traveling in Alaska cannot do without memorable souvenirs. In Anchorage, commemorative hand-made presentations by real masters are offered by sellers of markets and fairs. The most popular souvenirs are: amulets, masks, figurines made of horns and fangs of animals, birch bark dishes and drums. Alaska's attraction is the unforgettable nature reserves located throughout the state. One of them by the name of Kathmai is located on the shore of the Shelikhov Strait, and invites Alaskan tourists to see one of the natural wonders with their own eyes - a volcano against the backdrop of a smoky valley. In this reserve you can find many bears of different breeds (sometimes, how they "go fishing") and other animals, which most of us saw only on TV.

Alaska's main attraction is nature. To look at the mysterious beauty of glaciers, mountains, nature reserves, tourists from all over the world go on a trip to Alaska. To do this, the state has many fabulous places that help turn your vacation in Alaska into unforgettable moments. The charming beauty of the Mendenhall Glacier, located near the city of Juneau and stretching for as much as 19 km., Lures Alaskan tourists to look at the caves formed as a result of melting ice. In them, the light penetrating from the street is transformed into a fantastic sight, especially at the sight of a giant waterfall located next to Mendenhall.

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