Alaska tours. X class solar flare induced aurora on Cleary Summit, north of Fairbanks. Alaska travel

In search of a miracle. Where to look at the northern lights?

Where does the northern lights come from?

The charged particles of the solar wind break through into the magnetic field of the Earth, collide with molecules in the atmosphere and form the glow of green, blue, red and purple colors. Although we prefer the versions of the ancient peoples: they believed that these were reflections of Valkyrie swords or sparks from the fox's sway. The shine itself is not only north, but also south - it occurs near the magnetic poles, just to the south magnetic pole is much more difficult to reach. The common name is "aurora".

Where to go to see the northern lights? The North-Western region of Canada is the best suited for a romantic trip in search of the aurora. In the northern areas of the Yukon Territory and on the highest hills near Mackenzie, there are many excellent places where you can admire the northern lights. In cloudless weather, the sky here is so clear that it is hard to believe how high this miracle of nature is (not less than 100 km from the Earth).

Dozens of picturesque alpine lakes and rivers serve as a spectacular addition to the unique mountain landscapes of these places. In any region, quite remote from large settlements, the northern lights in Canada can be admired all year round. But still the most suitable for this purpose is winter, when the nights get longer and the air temperature drops. Ideal "viewing platforms" for contemplating bright flashes in the starry sky are mountain peaks over 1,800 meters high. Particularly impressive pictures can be seen near glacial lakes, the surface of which surprisingly reflects the northern lights so realistic that you can simply lose orientation in time and space.

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Alaska tours. X class solar flare induced aurora on Cleary Summit, north of Fairbanks. Alaska travel
Alaska is also among the most popular places in the world where you can see the northern lights. In the northwestern part of the North American continent are the most impressive mountain ranges and rocks, whose height reaches more than 3900 m. Such mountain landscapes of Alaska only favor the observation of the aurora. Aurora (Northern Lights) is one of the main attractions that make Alaska a popular travel destination.

Hunting for the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska

Northern lights can not be described in words. Watching these dances and opening bright ribbons in the sky makes even the most seasoned tourism veteran speechless. The Northern Lights is a unique phenomenon of nature and just a fascinating sight, shrouded in an aura of romance. Admire the colors of Aurora Borealis is a great reason for an exciting romantic trip.

One of the most attractive corners of Alaska, where you can see the northern lights, is located in the central part of the Tanana Fairbanks River Valley. A little to the north of the city lies a long chain of mountains, which are great for admiring this natural phenomenon. Multicolored splashes in the night sky near this city of Alaska are quite commonplace. Fairbanks is a city founded in the days of the Gold Rush. It must be borne in mind that traveling north in the winter season requires a certain amount of equipment, so consult with knowledgeable people or specialists who arrange such tours.

Another amazing place in Alaska, where you can see the northern lights, is Denali National Park with the highest peak in North America. The impressive height makes McKinley and its adjacent peaks the best places to observe the aurora in Alaska. Colorful flashes in which green, red, purple and turquoise shades intertwine, here appear in the sky late at night or in the early morning. The best time to travel to the northern lights in Alaska is autumn.

To see the northern lights, it is important not only to choose the appropriate country, but also to take into account some other nuances. First, the location and weather conditions. Best of all the aurora can be seen in a clear starry sky far from big cities. Secondly, consider the time. Most of all chances to admire the northern lights in the evening, from 20.00 to two o'clock in the morning, preferably in the period of the new moon, when the night sky does not dazzle the bright glow of the moon light. This is the best time to admire the aurora against the background of numerous bright stars.

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