Amazon river, Brazil tourism. Pool nearby Amazon River. Importance of vacation time

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Every journey is an adventure. Self-travel is a double adventure. But adventures, as we know, are different. Traveling on Amazonian ships is an unforgettable adventure in itself

Amazon is the habitat of so many animals. The species diversity of freshwater fish is up to one-third of the total on the whole Earth. Amazonia is an amazing region with the largest variety of flora and fauna on the planet. The Amazon Basin is located in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. In all of these countries, there are regions that are formally or informally called Amazonia. Amazon is one of the natural wonders of the planet, familiar to everyone from school. On the degree of fame, this river can compete with the Egyptian Nile and the Indian Ganges.

From the window of the airplane's porthole, you will see that the Amazon wriggles like an enormous anaconda, spreading out into islands, lost in endless tributaries. When you get into the area of one of the greatest rivers of the world - the Amazon, you can immediately see that it is very sparsely populated, and there is an unknown among the thousands of kilometers of the multi-tiered jungle. Oh, what a variety of sounds there, especially in the mornings and evenings. A chorus of frogs, birds, cicadas produces such roulades that you will hear. The first night they will not let you fall asleep.

In the countryside, nature is clean, inimitable and fresh, and in the city the nature is heavily polluted, there is rubbish everywhere, smoke from cars, waste from various factories and plants. Constantly there is a discussion about the relationship between nature and man. Everyone blames humanity for the fact that nature gradually dies and disappears. But, unfortunately, sometimes there is some truth in this.

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Amazon river, Brazil tourism. Pool nearby Amazon River.
In the intricacies of the sleeves and the influx of the Amazon basin lives a huge number of unique and unusual animals. Tourists are always struck by the diversity of both the plant world in the Amazon and the underwater world of the river. Amazon abounds in old channels. There is no flow and the plants grow in full force. The most successful in this case is the giant Amazonian lily or, as it is also called Victoria Regia, its leaves reach 2 meters in diameter.

The Amazon is the most unique river in the world. Coolest all-inclusive resorts

Never let go of the one you love. The Amazon jungle is called the lungs of the planet. It is one of the largest forest areas in the world, unaffected by human activity. It is impossible to understand and learn Brazil without visiting the Amazon. Everywhere you can see fabulous reflections in the Amazon of luxurious cirrus clouds. Inverted clouds float in the water, creating an extraordinary mirror-effect, when the sky and the water merge into one, so that it is impossible to distinguish where the real picture ends and where the reflection begins.

Cheap romantic getaways. It is believed that the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana discovered the Amazon in the 16th century. Initially, the conqueror of the New World wanted to give his river his name, but eventually changed the decision. The name of the river is obliged to a mysterious tribe of female warriors who attacked the Orellana squad. Local people say that in order to see in abundance jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, caimans, anacondas and other typical representatives of the Amazonian fauna, you need to at least go to the jungle for 5 days, sleep in hammocks - experience the real extreme. As a result, you will get a completely new unusual travel experience, get acquainted with the original exotic world of the amazing country of Amazonia, test yourself for strength, expand your ideas about our world and make your old dream a reality.

Visit the Brazilian Amazon, to feel the connection with the pristine nature, to appreciate its wild beauty and power, to watch people who are trying to live in harmony with it. People, animals and plants, rivers and forests of our planet are inextricably linked and cannot fully exist without each other. Amazon Wildlife has a great variety of species and the riot of life. The underwater world of the river is very diverse, fish species alone in the Amazon more than in the Atlantic Ocean. Animals of the Amazon are not only varied, but unusual.

Nature gave us all that she could, that she had. We use wood: we build houses, we make paper, we sew clothes. We collect berry - mushroom wealth. Honey. Meat and fur. We cut down forests to make railways or highways. Factories and enterprises emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Because of this, the oxygen balance is disturbed, and eternal glaciers begin to melt. Due to soil pollution, plants change their physiological structure. Yes, just do not list. Maybe worth a stop.

The unique ecosystem of the longest waterway on Earth (more than 7 thousand km from the source of Apachet) attracts lovers of thrill, exoticism, South American flora and fauna, and just ordinary tourists who want to expand the boundaries of their travels. Falling into the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon forms the world's largest delta. The largest river island of Marajo, located just in the delta, the giant water lily Victoria regia, huge palm trees, the largest freshwater fish on the planet and the river dolphin are on the list of Amazonian rarities.

Hearing the phrase "predatory fish", many people immediately remember about the huge and bloodthirsty sharks. But the danger for many living creatures is also represented by tiny piranhas that can attack any animal with a whole flock and bite it with their teeth sticking out in all directions. Scientists already know quite a lot about this type of fish, but one feature of their body has always remained a mystery to them. The fact is that piranhas change their teeth not one at a time, but in whole blocks. At the same time, there are a huge number of herbivorous piranhas in the world, such as Paku fish (Colossoma macropomum). Outwardly, they are very similar to their predatory counterparts, but they are very different in their lifestyle. In particular, we are talking about solitary hunting and eating plankton, insects and all kinds of algae. It is known that the strength of their jaws is enough to crack nuts.

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