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Acropolis of Lindos. The Greeks are very proud of their sights.

Lindos - the snow-white pearl of the island of Rhodes

There is a small town in Greek Rhodes, called Lindos, which surpasses all the other sights of Rhodes together in popularity among tourists. Small and dazzling white, this city has stood for more than three thousand years and has not turned into abandoned ruins, but on the contrary, it has only become more beautiful. Hundreds of tourists come to Lindos every day and wander through its cozy streets.

Lindos was founded by Dorians in the 12th century BC. In those days, it was a thriving city-state, known as the center of trade and shipbuilding. Despite the fact that Lindos recently celebrated his 3000th anniversary, he clearly does not look at his years. From many ancient cities, only ruins and memories have long remained, and Lindos stands as new and pleases the eye of tourists with its snow-white look. Come here during your vacation in Rhodes is a must.

Upstairs, over Lindos is the ancient Greek Acropolis and the Fortress of Knights Ioannites, which are considered the main attraction of the city, and where all the tourists go. They say that this is the second most beautiful acropolis in Greece after the Athenian. There are also the ruins of the ancient Greek temple of Athena Lindia, after which the city is named.

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Europe tours - ancient Greece temple in Lindos. Rhodes island. Greece travel
Acropolis of Lindos is one of the most famous attractions of the island of Rhodes. Once there was the residence of the Knights Hospitallers. To climb to the Acropolis, you need to overcome a long staircase. There are many sites on it, where you can take a short break under the shade of the trees. Tourists have to go up, through the Fortress of the Knights. Nearby in the rock is carved an ancient bas-relief - the stern of an ancient warship (Trier). It dates back to 170 BC.

At the very top, in all its glory, the temple of Athens of Lindia, built in the 3rd century BC, appears as a tourist

Its length is 22 m, width is 8 m. A distinctive feature of the temple is that it is located at the very edge of the cliff and is oriented along the north-south line - this is not typical of ancient Greek buildings. The buildings of the Acropolis against the background of sea water and sky create an unforgettable impression. Athena Linda was the patroness of Lindos and is associated with her several legends.

Greece is a country where everything is there! Luxurious beaches, clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, many amazing monuments of architecture, excellent cuisine and comfortable hotels. The Cradle of Civilization, as Greece is also called, is located in southern Europe - on a part of the Balkan Peninsula and on more than 1,400 islands. The most popular resorts in Greece are the islands of Crete and Rhodes. Here you can easily find a suitable tour option - a large variety of beaches and hotels, fairly inexpensive prices, there are good hotels for families with children. If you are going to Greece for the first time, then it is better to choose these resorts.

Greece is famous for its mild and comfortable climate: the swimming season here begins in May and June and ends in September and October. The country is washed at once by four seas - the Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean and Libyan. Tourists from all over the world go to see the well-preserved ancient monuments in Athens, the famous Knossos Palace and the Temple of Apollo in Crete, Orthodox monasteries, knightly castles in Rhodes and many other objects of cultural and historical heritage.

Most beautiful places in the world to live. Local beaches are mostly sandy, wide and, importantly, clean. Art of adventuring. Prices for flights even in the high season are considered low, which makes Greece particularly attractive for practical tourists. You can get to Lindos either by bus, which run from Rhodes, or by car. Car travelers should be aware that there is no parking in the city itself. You can park for free at the track, which runs a little away from the city, or on the beach of Lindos.

Geographical conditions played an important role in the historical development of ancient Greece. What are its features? Greece is located in the extreme south-east of the Balkan Peninsula and occupies the mainland, which consists of Northern, Middle and Southern Greece, hundreds of islands of the Aegean archipelago. In ancient times, the Greeks lived on the west coast of Anatolia, present-day Turkey. And all this made up the world of ancient Greek policies, city-states. The natural and geographical environment, of course, influenced the development of Greek policies.

Greece was not at the head of historical development in the Bronze Age, because there are no sources of bronze, copper and tin in Greece - they had to be transported from afar: some say that they are from Asia Minor, others - even further. Copper was in Cyprus (the name of the island of Cyprus, cuprum is the Latin name of the element). But there are quite a lot of iron deposits in Greece. There were so-called swamp ores that could be used and processed in antiquity. In the Greek world and on its periphery there were deposits of precious metals - silver and gold. Silver was in Attica and in the north of Greece, in Halkidiki. In Thrace, present-day Bulgaria, there were gold deposits, and an electro-natural mixture of particles (grains of gold and silver) was mined in the rivers of Asia Minor - such ancient riches were among the ancient Greeks.

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