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Cambodia is a mystery country

This is the cradle of Khmer civilization, its history is full of unsolved mysteries and wonderful traditions. Angkor Wat. People from all over the world will always strive to see personally this extraordinary creation of human hands. This is one of the largest places of worship in the world. Officially it is believed that the complex dedicated to Lord Vishnu, was built in the first half of the XII century during the reign of Khmer King Suryavarman II. But a number of researchers suggest that Angkor Wat is much older.

Top-notch adventure vacations you can afford. All tourists stay in Siem Reap, near Angkor. Temples that are included in the standard Angkor ticket are called near temples, but temples that are at a decent distance from Siem Reap are called distant temples. Always learn some of the most important words in the local language. Angkor Wat is better not to visit during major holidays, especially during the Khmer holidays, when the entrance to the complex for local residents is free. What are vacations for?

Cambodia is a country of wonder. The more you study the culture and traditions of the Khmer, the more you wonder. Angkor Wat is the largest and most incredible religious building in the world. Initially, the temple was Hindu, then became a Buddhist. Angkor Wat is depicted on the flag of Cambodia. The name is not a primordial-historical, translated simply, Angkor - a city, Wat - a temple.

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Cambodia tourism. Stone carved face on a wall in a temple in Angkor Wat. Cambodia vacations.
We must immediately clarify that the Angkor complex refers to all the temples located on a vast territory, in addition there is the Angkor Wat temple built by the ruler Suryavarman II, which can be called the pearl of Angkor or the main temple. Time goes by. Cambodia is a dream country. Unparalleled Angkor Wat, the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville, eternal summer, smiling and good-natured Khmers, the rapidly growing economy make this country one of the most desirable for life. Or at least for a trip. Angkor Wat is beautiful, but it looks most advantageous from a certain height. It is impossible to appreciate its grandeur from any point on Earth.

The many-faceted Bayon is known for the giant faces of its creator, Jayavarman VII, in the form of the god Lokeshwar, who observes from every tower of the temple

They say the faces of Bayon laugh at people. And they say that King Jayavarman was very suspicious and overly suspicious, and for this very reason he ordered his face to be reproduced on many temples - to see if the enemies go, and at the same time to examine the empire: everything is in order. Fifty-four towers of Bayon, more than 200 faces, and you will not find similar ones, despite the fact that they are one and the same person. The sun plays on faces in different ways, giving them different emotions and moods. Angkor's smile is mysterious - it is both irony, and arrogance, and horror, and fear, but it is also care and mercy. The Bayon is the Mona Lisa of Southeast Asia.

Tourists should definitely spend time with Bayon, wandering on all three levels, studying the bas-reliefs, telling about the King's victories over the Cham on Tonle Sap Lake, watching the apsaras dancing, and constantly returning to the faces on the towers, noticing how the sun changes the emotions of the stone. Especially excellent photos are obtained in the early morning when the sun rises, gradually illuminating the royal faces of Bayona, or at sunset. At this time on the top of the temple is going to a huge number of people. Since Bayon is a famous temple, there are always a lot of people here, which is why it will sometimes be very difficult to take photos.

Travel pictures gallery. In these places, there is often atmospheric haze, when photographing, even from the ground, distant objects are slightly clouded. There is no sea here, but, perhaps, wet evaporation comes from the Tonle Sap lake. Cambodia is not crowded with tourists from Russia and Germany as neighboring Thailand, but there are an insane number of tourists from China (in principle, as in all countries of the world) and a lot of South Koreans. This is generally one of the few countries where duplicate names are not in English, but in Korean!

Vacation travel is the best way to invest money short term. The optimal time for tourists to visit Angkor is autumn-winter. Arriving in Siem Reap in November, you will still find bright tropical vegetation around and see the temples hidden in the green jungle. Traditional national dish of Cambodia - Amok amok soup, which is served in a coconut, it is cooked on the basis of coconut milk with the addition of curry, meat or seafood and some vegetables - very tasty.

One of the advantages of traveling is that we learn the geography of our world, the customs of countries, the history of cities. We meet new people and learn languages, learn from them some experience and knowledge, and learn culture and tolerance. The journey also develops critical thinking very well, you are in a new environment for you, and you have to take new actions and make decisions every day. This is the development of independence and responsibility. When visiting new places, you will learn something new, see something for the first time, and do what you have never done before. You learn new things and gain invaluable experience.

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