Antarctica cruise. The cruise ship Corinthian II in front of a huge Iceberg. Antarctica travel

Antarctica: a trip to the country of icebergs

Antarctica is a paradise for photographers

In addition to the unique fauna, of particular interest for photographing here are the fantastic beauty of icebergs. Ice in Antarctica in particular is massive and colorful, creating one of the most impressive formations. This icy country has been a mystery to people for a long time. The harsh nature, heavy, impassable ice in the surrounding seas, high ice marginal barriers - all this contributed to its isolation from the outside world.

The most impressive sight that the powerful Antarctica can unplannedly show you is the collapse of a glacier. This is how icebergs are born - a huge chunk of ice floes breaks off from the endless glacier with a bang and a crash and embarks on its last free swimming across the expanses of the Southern Ocean. In the zone of destruction of the glaciers of Antarctica, the largest icebergs of the planet are formed, several times larger than those born in the zone of Greenland.

Antarctica carefully protects its territory from the intense human presence. Control over safety and environmental compliance is the responsibility of the International Association, formed by Antarctic tour operators. According to the Treaty on Antarctica, today every tour operator must have permission to visit the southernmost continent. Global changes in climate have recently attracted the attention of most scientists. Of particular concern is the melting of ice in Antarctica. According to the latest report from scientists, the Western Antarctic ice sheet is melting twice as fast as previously thought.

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Antarctica cruise. The cruise ship Corinthian II in front of a huge Iceberg. Antarctica travel.
The main thing you need to understand is that a cruise to Antarctica will be an extreme vacation. Realizing and weighing your strength and financial capabilities, you can begin to pick up the tour and get acquainted with the intricacies of the routes. A ten-day trip to the fascinating corners of Antarctica is your unique chance to experience the mysterious atmosphere of the snow-covered continent with eternal ice.

Cruise liner, on which you will reach Antarctica, will be for you transport, hotel, restaurant, shops and all the infrastructure

Antarctica is a magnificent pristine natural landscape and unique wildlife. These are gigantic icebergs casting blue, endless glaciers glittering in the sun, majestic mountains and, of course, the rightful owners of these places are penguins, whales and seals. Antarctica is thousands of kilometers away from other parts of the world. The distance from the extreme point of its only peninsula - the Antarctic - to South America exceeds 1000 kilometers.

The main habitat of penguins is aquatic. They do not fly through the air, but are well adapted to "fly" in water, which is denser than air. All this causes some features of the body structure of penguins. In the winter for several months in Antarctica is the polar night. During the long polar day, Antarctica receives a lot of solar radiation, but up to 90% of it is reflected by the ice surface back into the atmosphere.

More recently, tourist knowledge about traveling in the direction of the South Pole was limited to the achievements of expeditions of polar explorers and few extremes. But the fascinating stories about the wild nature of Antarctica, icebound, photos of its inhabitants, impressions of the weather surprises - all this did not give rest to many adventure lovers. Like any trip, a trip to Antarctica must begin with preparation.

This tourist flow rushed in the 1990s, when several operators began to compile cruise routes to the country of icebergs. The real boom of extreme tourism was noted after 2000, and in recent seasons about 50 thousand travelers have visited Antarctica. The dream of all tourists is the same - to see the endless stony ground, bound by snow, floating ice blocks, icebergs guarding approaches to the shore, dark, troubled ocean waters that have become home to seals and whales, and, of course, colonies of handsome penguins.

Antarctica is covered with ice all year round, but its ice caps for many thousands of years as part of annual cycles are either shrinking or increasing. Tips from geological records suggest that climate change is reducing ice volumes in Antarctica, while doing so much faster than it did under natural circumstances in the past. Ancient ice sheets leave signs of their presence in the past on the earth on which they lie. According to these signs, scientists can determine where exactly the already melted glaciers were located. This is done as part of observations of the seabed around the western part of the continent. It contains underwater remnants of glaciers, indicating where exactly they were in the past, Shepherd explains. All these signs allow scientists to estimate the rate of retreat of Antarctic ice. In the past, between the ice cycles, the annual rate was about 50 meters. However, modern observations suggest that the rate of decrease in ice has increased by more than 20 times.

Warm Antarctic caves can hide secret life. Under the glaciers of Antarctica, the secret world of animals and plants, including unknown species, may hide, scientists say. Caves hollowed out by steam of active volcanoes are very bright and can heat up to 25 degrees Celsius, creating ideal conditions for the prosperity of flora and fauna ecosystems deep beneath a frozen surface. A study by the Australian National University near Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island in Antarctica, revealed extensive cave systems.

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