Antelope Canyon photography tours. Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA. Arizona tours

Antelope Canyon consists of 2 parts - Upper and Lower Canyon. The views are the same, so in any part of it you can see the bizarre curves of the gorge.

The most famous photo of the canyon is a pillar of the rays of the sun penetrating the canyon - this photo can be made only in the Upper Canyon at noon and in sunny weather

Antelope Canyon is a must-see. The canyon is very beautiful and interesting, throughout the tour you can admire what nature is capable of - it is undoubtedly the best artist. From the surface of the ground canyon is not visible, you can go and do not notice all the interesting underground. A Navajo guide leads his group to all the sights of the canyon, helps with camera settings if someone needs it, and takes pictures of couples or solo travelers amid the canyon in the most interesting places. He also talks about the canyon, its geological features and history.

Go first in the group, then you will always have an empty space in front of you without people for cool photos. The most common problem is that the space on the camera or the battery ends somewhere around 1/5 of the route, and there is not enough for the most interesting part of the shooting. Tour for photographers lasts 2 hours, in addition to any photographic equipment is allowed to take a tripod. The group moves slower than the tourist group and makes stops in the most beautiful places. The number of people on tour for photographers is 5 people.

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Antelope Canyon photography tours. Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA. Arizona tours

The canyon is located on the territory of the Navajo Indian Reservation and can only be reached as part of the excursion group and accompanied by the aborigine

The canyon is located at a depth of 30 meters and the sun penetrates it only at certain times of the day. If you want it to be beautiful, not dark, you must choose a clock from 11 to 13 (when the sun is at its zenith), but for different months of the year the time may vary slightly. Beautiful photos are obtained if you throw a handful of sand from the bottom of the canyon up to the crevice - when exposed to light, you get spectacular photos that adorn computer screensavers from users around the world.

Do not forget to bring glasses, a headdress and be in comfortable clothes that do not hamper movement and sandals. The uniqueness of this canyon is in unusual forms that the water inside has washed out. Water continues its work to this day. Every time during heavy rain, it flows into the canyon from the neighboring mountain and fills it. In the summer, from the beginning of July to mid-October, there is a high probability of bad weather, so the canyon can be closed without additional warning.

That is, even if you book the opportunity to visit the canyon, in case of bad weather (rain, for example), you will not get into the canyon. The nearest tourist town is Page, where you can find inexpensive lodging and food - a supermarket, cafes, restaurants. Page - a tourist town, all live here due to the influx of tourists. There are no problems with hotels in Page, there are expensive and cheaper.

Antelope Canyon is one of the "tributaries" of the Glen Canyon. According to it, a stream flowing in the summer flows into Colorado. A few kilometers from the mouth of the stream forms two stunning canyon. According to legend, they were discovered by chance by an Indian girl who went in search of a lost goat. Since in the canyon there are very sharp drops of light and shadow, the conditions require additional time for setting up the equipment and the shooting itself. Even amateur photographers one hour in the canyon is not enough, you have to do everything at a pace, and there is no time for a simple viewing of beauty, so if you are not in a hurry, it is recommended to choose a long tour.

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