Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua: the ancient capital of Guatemala

Antigua-Guatemala (in translation means "ancient Guatemala") or La Antigua - the former capital of colonial Guatemala

Antigua is located at an altitude of 1533 meters in the immediate vicinity of the volcano Agua. Guatemalan town of Antigua-Guatemala, which many tourists simply call Antigua, can be called one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the world. Very often this city, and not the well-known Tikal, is considered by travelers as the "calling card of Guatemala.".

Founded in 1541, by the middle of the XVIII century, Antigua reached such a height that it became comparable with such large cities as Mexico City and Lima, and here for some time was the capital of Guatemala. But the strongest Earthquake of 1773 almost completely destroyed the city and moved the capital. A mountain range stretching around Antigua consists mostly of majestic volcanoes. A total of thirteen, 3 volcanoes are active: Pacaya, Fuego and Santiagito. Maybe you should come to Antigua and conquer one of them.

Antigua is very famous for its colonial past, the city really radiates this coloniality, it is manifested here in everything: brightly painted houses, low-floor buildings, a huge number of churches, cobblestone streets and the central square with a fountain - well, not Spain. It should be noted that there are as many as 36 churches here and this is in an area of 4 square kilometers occupied by the city. Many of them were destroyed by the Santa Marta Earthquake of 1773, therefore, which have not been restored, stand in ruins, which are also abound here.

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Antigua, Guatemala

One of the local attractions is the Fishermen's Fountain

Antigua is the most beautiful colonial city, the third capital and, finally, the most visited city of Guatemala. In a sense, Antigua-Guatemala can be considered a city-museum, but in reality there are quite a few local residents, and not only tourists. Guatemala is a poor country, so the locals also live in this museum, to put it mildly, in cramped conditions.

In fact, no matter how beautiful Antigua looks, but it is worth moving away from the main streets of the 3-4 quarters and the city no longer looks like itself, shabby buildings, some ragged around who do not inspire confidence. Therefore, the city seemed to be schooled and cleaned only in the center and on the streets adjacent to the center, but otherwise it is all the same Guatemala.

In the summer in Antigua you can meet very hot weather, so travelers are advised to choose hotels with a pool or a jacuzzi, which will be just the way. At the same time, you can schedule a visit to Lake Atitlan, which is very popular with tourists. Autumn is probably one of the best seasons to visit Antigua. At this time, a huge number of plants bloom here, so tourists will not be disappointed. In addition, there are no tropical storms in the autumn, but it is also not as cool as in winter.

In Antigua there are many tourists (careless tourists) and this attracts the appropriate contingent to the town or the locals learn the thieves' craft so easily, so the standard advice to travelers: don't take a lot of money with you; we try not to walk alone, we keep to the crowded streets, at night we also try not to go anywhere without need.

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